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Reasons Your Airconditioner Is No Longer Blowing Cold Air

Today- Reasons Your Airconditioner Is No Longer Blowing Cold Air


Hot and humid weather can bring discomfort to you and your family. This is why an air conditioner that is fully functional always comes to the rescue. However, like all appliances, your cooling system has limitations because of its age or because of a broken component. Nothing is more satisfying than relaxing at home enjoying the cool indoor air. 

If you notice that your unit is no longer producing cold air, your cooling system may require a little help. You can wear your air conditioner down if you are using it on a daily basis. As a cooling system is intended to blow out cold air, you will know that there is something wrong with your unit when you no longer receive cold air. 


Reasons Your Airconditioner Is No Longer Blowing Cold Air


Reasons Your Airconditioner Is No Longer Blowing Cold Air


Dirty Air Filter

Your air filter needs to be replaced or cleaned regularly. A dirty air filter can block the airflow of your unit, causing your air conditioner to be inefficient in blowing cold air. Since air comes through the vents of your cooling system, blocked filter due to dirt will prevent your unit from operating properly. For your unit to produce cool air again, you need to change your air filter. Before you consider installing a new filter, be sure to inspect your current filter first. 

You can do this by taking the filter out and holding it up where there is natural sunlight. Your filter is too dirty if no light can pass through both sides. It is an indicator that you need to replace your filter right away. When replacing your filter, you need to make sure that you invest in a good filter equipped with a fine screen mesh. You can also choose a reusable filter as it can be used several times. All you need to do is to clean the filter using your hands or a soft-bristled brush. 


Incorrect Thermostat Setting

Your unit will not efficiently blow cold air if the setting of your thermostat is wrong. You might be tempted to throw your hands in the air and consider buying a new unit. Do not consider purchasing a new cooling system without checking your thermostat setting. It can be the culprit. When your thermostat is not on the right setting, your unit will have trouble blowing out cold air. 

You may feel that your room is slightly warm. If this is the case, you need to adjust the settings. If it is set to ‘auto’, you should set it to ‘on’. This setting ensures that you keep the cold air coming into your room and it also prevents your cooling system from working harder than it should. By changing the settings, you will be able to save money on your energy bills as well. 


Clogged Outside Unit

You can put a strain on your cooling system, preventing it from blowing out cold air if the outside unit is dirty or clogged. The condenser which is also referred to as your outside unit is responsible for dissipating heat which is extracted from your home through your unit’s evaporator. Once your unit gets clogged or dirty, it will be difficult for the cool air to make its way back to your home. 

You will need to call an AC technician to check your unit. Leaves, dirt, and debris might have already accumulated. Their presence can cause your unit to stop blowing out cold air. A licensed technician will use an air compressor for getting rid of dirt. After cleaning your outside unit, proactive measures like scheduling regular tune-ups are recommended.  


Low On Refrigerant

If none of the aforementioned factors are causing the problem, it might be due to your cooling system’s low refrigerant level. A unit that is low on refrigerant needs immediate attention because it causes a spike in your energy bills. Addressing problems with your refrigerant cannot be done on your own. 

You need to call a licensed professional to address the problem. An AC repair Dallas technician will refill your refrigerant quickly and safely. Technicians will also ensure that your unit is adequately charged. If your refrigerant keeps on getting low, your unit might be experiencing refrigerant leaks. Low refrigerant leaks need to be properly addressed as they can cause serious damage to your unit. 


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