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A Refreshing Bedroom Palette

Color is the language of the poets. It is astonishingly lovely. To speak it is a privilege. (Keith Crown)

I love colour. Not patterns, patterns seem to agitate me unless they are very subtle, but colour I adore and it fills my home.

Colour impacts my feelings a great deal; it can make make me feel invigorated, energized, calm, peaceful, rested, excited and refreshed. Colour has a powerful effect on my emotions and well-being and  is really important in my home.

Inspiration comes in many forms!

A few weeks ago it was my birthday and my husband bought me this bracelet.



I loved the colour combinations. I wear this bracelet most days and I think  it looks zesty, breezy, pretty and simple. The colours are so fresh they make feel ready to face the day.

In fact I  liked the colours  so much I thought they would be a great base for a bedroom. A bed room should look clean, fresh and inviting and I think these colours work so well together particularly combined with a white bed and bedding.

Calming to go to sleep to with the silver colours shimmer in  low lights. How wonderful to wake up to zingy lime.. like a shower of freshness. The aqua balances the silver and lime and is both calming and cleansing. A perfect combination of colours.


refreshing sleep

Table lamp

Chunky throw

Silver throw pillow

Throw pillow


This is my entry into the Argos Colour Competition.


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