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How to relax more quickly on holiday

Today – How to relax more quickly on holiday

Studies have found that it takes the average person at least 5 days to fully unwind on holiday. If you are only going for 7m that’s a pretty huge amount of your holiday!


How to relax more quickly on holiday


How to relax more quickly on holiday

Let’s have a look at why this is so and what we can do to make it better, because we don’t want to waste our precious holidays being stressed, do we?

When we go on holiday, the day to day stresses of our work may have been taken away in practical terms, but it is not so easy to empty them from your mind. I often find on holiday, that my brain is still whirring with worries and things from my to do list.

The best way to deal with this problem is to have your holiday firmly in your mind, during your final week at work and to approach work with a very clear to do list, which ties up as many loose ends as possible and delegating where necessary. Putting an email alert out that you will be away, notifying colleagues and moving deadlines where necessary, will all add to a lighter load for your mind. It is all about being prepared and organised.


How to relax more quickly on holiday

How does it impact you?

I find actually just going on holiday can feel so stressful in itself, it can take a few days to recover. The last minute shopping, packing, ironing, organising travel, etc. can just be too much. Again, a really clear to do list, a spreading of the chores and preparation ahead of time are key to ensuring you have no last minute stress. Booking the day off work before you travel can really help in regards to this.

Sometimes on holiday, we self-cater and this can mean cooking and washing up and shopping and, to be honest, chore wise it can feel a little home away from home. I used to resent this, now just I simply refuse to let it happen. We keep any self-catered meals very simple, everybody mucks in with the chores and we always eat out at least a few times to ensure a rest from the daily grind.


How to relax more quickly on holiday


What makes it unrelaxing?

One thing that can be really ‘un-relaxing’ about holidays is arriving and not really having a clue about what’s around and spending a long time trying to figure it all out.

Doing your research ahead of time is worthwhile. With the luxury of constant Wi-Fi and time on your side, you can explore your area, activities and trips at your leisure, to make some plans ahead of time and get any bookings made, rather than facing possible disappointment when you are there.

Often when I go away and begin to rest I get sick. I know this is common from talking to friends, but common as it may be, it is not at all welcome! There are several steps that you can take before your holiday, to help maintain your overall health, so that you’re able to enjoy your holiday to the max.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet and take a high-quality supplement (such as those from Vitabiotics), to ensure sufficient intake of vital nutrients. Make sure to also get enough sleep and exercise to keep your energy levels going.


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