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Release your inner diva and create a drool worthy wardrobe room

wardrobe room

A wardrobe room

Mariah Carey is a diva. If you’ve not been blessed with a voice of an angel or as Grimes put it one that is “utterly groundless”, you could still live the diva lifestyle by creating your own walk-in wardrobe.

A walk-in wardrobe is much more than a fairy-tale addition to your home, whether you’re converting a spare room, or making use of wasted space, a dressing area offers a practical storage solution that can be customised to accommodate all your diva desires and needs.

Designing your desired space can be an intimidating task at a first glance, so installation specialists Bespoke Interiors has brought you three tips for planning your diva wardrobe room.


Consider the space and your possessions


Designing your dressing room is the perfect opportunity to clean out your closet! Review what you already own, what you’ll be keeping and what you’ll be either binning or donating. This will also help you when considering what storage solutions will be the best fit for you – evaluate what’s working well with your current system and what could be improved. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed with drawer space, but have nowhere to house your ever-growing shoe collection? In which case, you’ll want to include some tall shelving units to keep your footwear neat and tidy.

Figure out what purposes your walk-in wardrobe will be serving. Are you after a neat storage space or will you be using the space for all your beauty routines and getting ready? Knowing this will also benefit when writing up your ‘buying’ list for all the new furnishings you’ll need. Perhaps, you’re after a mirror wall or maybe just a vanity with a set of lights installed above it?


Maximize the space for a wardrobe room

When creating your diva space, it’s important to maximize all available space using innovative storage solutions. Asses available space to you. Every perplexing corner in the space is actually an opportunity. Possibly, for adding a handy storage bench along a half-wall or using corner cabinets to add more hanging space.

If you find it challenging to envision the area, enlisting help from an expert might be a good idea!


Set the tone and don’t forget about the little details



Choose a theme that will inspire you and compliment your taste. Consider what mood you’d like for your diva space to have. Deciding on this will drastically affect what lighting, colour scheme, furnishing and style you’ll settle on. Are you after a luxurious feel with golds and burgundies, or maybe you fancy a more contemporary look with a monochrome theme with some rose gold accents.

Don’t underestimate the small details and finishing touches, those are what make or break a living space. Perhaps it’s trinkets from the places you’ve been to inspire that inner wanderlust you have or maybe it’s a scented candle that awakens your lust for pampering. Whatever it may be, make sure it’s tailored to you and what you’re after!


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