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Renovating Your Home: Try Out The Window Butler!

Are you looking to renovate your home this year? Converting your attic, upgrading a kitchen or garden room perhaps or just looking for a window replacement?

I’ve recently come across YARD Direct’s Window Butler that can help you to find the perfect windows for your home renovation project, making the process simple, easy and enjoyable. You can work your way through the Window Butler, choosing from the options that best suit your project and meet your interior desires. It may ask your preference on window finish, whether you want an unobstructed view and how quickly you might need the window.

Here are some examples of the questions it will ask you – it is speedy and straightforward to use:


Window Butler




Once you’ve answered all of the questions, the Window Butler will then take you to a contact form where you can fill in extra details about your renovation project and window requirements.
Once you’ve confirmed this they will get in contact with you at the soonest convenience.

Window Butler



After this, the Window Butler will take you to a results page, where you can find your perfect window. You can add this to your cart or click on the product to find out more information.

Their expert YARD Direct team is available Monday-Friday from 8am-10pm & Saturday’s 9am-1pm to give you the best technical advice – whether it’s issues with windows, or to help with
planning restrictions.

We just  know that you are going to love Window Butler.

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