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Retro styling ideas for your home

Today – Retro styling ideas for your home


Retro styling ideas for your home

Are you looking for retro styling ideas for your home?

I love to see retro styling but not just for the sake of it. For a home to do retro styling well I think the pieces included need to be functional and of good quality. You don’t want your home to just be a showroom of style.

I am all for making a home look beautiful and work well so let’s look at some practical pieces with retro styling that really will enhance your home. Full on retro can be a bit too much. I am all about the accessories or small pieces of furniture that can bring the retro vibe.

How about this cool and funky polaroid camera, sitting casually on your desk. These take the most fun snaps too! Perfect retro home accessory.



Over at rockitrecordplayers.com.au there are a host of beautiful retro record players. Not only are these absolutely perfect for your vinyl collection but they also look absolutely fantastic as a piece of retro styling.


This GPO turntable is a seriously stylish piece of furniture intis own right.

With removable legs, this Dansette-style LP player can be the centrepiece of your room or a portable turntable. It has such modern features too it plays 3 speeds, has built-in full range speakers and digital recording functionality. Retro does not have to mean old-fashioned.

I just think it is uber cool


I love this suitcase style record player, perfect to take on a picnic, gorgeous looking, and the prettiest of teal colours.

These external speakers look very cool too and give a great retro vibe, even though they are actually really high end. It comes with bluetooth connection for the smartphone, laptop and other devices and even a guitar jack.  The lovely white exterior means it will go with anything and it is accented with rose gold for a truly retro, yet bang on trend, style.

Storage and protection

You do of course have to protect your records and store them but if you want to continue with the retro styling vine you will want to think through how you do this. Flicking through records is all part of the experience and so this Crosley storage crate ticks all those boxes.

It is the ideal protective case and it looks perfect. I love it when you can combine both practicality and style don’t you!

If you are looking for retro records to go with your lovely styling do pop down to your local flea market or charity shop as they will always provide rich pickings.

Old style telephones also add a lovely retro feel and are a lovely way to sit and chat for hours. You certainly can’t multitask on one of these!

They really encourage you to relax into your chat and you can get such an array of colours.



And okay this might be pushing the functionality bit a bit too far (in fact I’m almost sure you would never use it) but how cool does this retro typewriter look?



Retro styling really can add both character and charm to a home and some fun and functional pieces.

What would you add?


Retro styling ideas for your home


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