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Reusable Deodorant Case with Plastic Free Refills Review (plus WILD discount code)

Wild  are a natural and sustainable bathroom products brand. They pioneered the world’s first natural deodorant with compostable, plastic free refills. As you know, I care enormously about our impact on the planet so this was music to my ears. When they asked me if I would like to review a couple of their products I absolutely jumped at the chance.



With over 15000 5 star reviews and 24 hours of scientifically proven body odour prevention the Wild  deodorant gives excellent and trustworthy performance.  I have been using it for a week now and it hasn’t let me down nor has it irritated my skin at all. It is made with completely natural ingredients and contains no nasties at all, no aluminium-salts or parabens and sulphates,. And, even more good new all their products are  vegan and cruelty-free.  Through their reusable deodorant case and plastic free refill sales the company have diverted 80 tonnes of throwaway deodorants from landfill. Incredible.

So the credentials are fabulous right?

The reusable deodorant applicator  made from aluminium and will last you a lifetime, and it can even be personalised with your name. The cases are really attractive and their are 8 to choose form – I chose Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt and it is just a lovely fresh and clean scent. The cases are £10 and refills juts £6 so a well priced product too.

 I found it lovely and  am excited to try out the other scents to. Instruction to set up and refill your case are super clear and it s a good looking piece of kit too!

 I think these make great gift ideas and will be buying a fee of these for Christmas. 




Body wash

Wild have recently launched their refillable, natural body wash too which comes with 100% plastic-free, compostable refills in a reusable aluminium case! I had the lovely coconut and vanilla scent The Body Wash refills are 100% plastic-free and made from compostable materials. Because the refill is made from compostable materials, once you have finished using it you can put it in your compost heap! and of course the bottle can be kept forever. Just so planet friendly.

And importantly the product is just lovely and the scent totally natural. I love this bod wash and, as with the deodorant, you can buy it as a one off or on subscription. 




You are making a difference when you shop with Wild

Every product you buy form Wild leads to lasting environmental change each purchase reduces plastic use AND you help grow the Wild forest thanks to their partnership with ONAMISSION. they are a carbon negative company and so far they have  planted over 445,994 trees!


Lovey quality products and a real benefit to the environment . a win-win and highly recommended by me!


WILD discount code

If you would like 20% off your order at WILD use my discount code BECKYGH20 

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