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Review – Cinderella at Nottingham Theatre Royal

Cinderella review at Nottingham Theatre Royal

So last night we took our 12 and 15 years along to the beautiful and iconic Theatre Royal in Nottingham.

Too old you say?

You are NEVER too old for panto in my book. I have been going to see pantos at Nottingham Theatre Royal since I was a child and yet we haven’t been for various reasons over the last few years. I have missed it!

Consequently, we were a bit excited.

The Theatre Royal in Nottingham is rather beautiful and we always love to visit.




Who is in the cast?

Well, the theatre was absolutely packed and rightly so!  With Les Dennis and Connor McIntyre from Corrie as the Ugly Sisters and the gorgeous Gareth Gates as the prince and Richard Cadell as Buttons (along with his sidekick Sooty), this was a star-studded panto and promised big things.


Cinderella at Nottingham Theatre Royal


Did it deliver?

Oh yes, it did!  sorry couldn’t resist)

It was funny and entertaining, and we laughed and laughed and laughed. A real tonic for us all.

The singing was excellent from all the cast  (Gareth still has it and was a very charming Prince)  and the fairy godmother has such a wonderful voice!


theatre royal panto 2019


There were some great magic tricks in the shows and some surprising and very impressive effects which included flying horses and a costume change form Cinders I am still puzzling out. Lots fo traditional bits were included with he’s behind you and bringing kids onto the stage. 

There were the most fantastic costumes ( especially the dalmatian costume) and it was cheesy and funny and all a panto should be. Lots of f audience interaction too withy singing and dancing and yes we got wet!


theatre royal nottingham panto 2019


Last time I went to a panto there was a lot of fat jokes and a great deal of inappropriate innuendo. This was just good fun with no snipes at anyone at all and just a few ‘naughty jokes’ |We al loved it and declared it our…



Cinderella at Nottingham Theatre Royal


How to book tickets for Cinderella at the Nottingham Theatre Royal

You can book tickets to see Cinderella here

Prices vary

Cinderella runs from Saturday 30 November 2019 – Sunday 5 January 2020

This production contains the use of haze, smoke, flashing lights and water pistols

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