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The Right Towel and Good Habits = More Good Hair Days

Today – More Good Hair Days

Do you want more good hair days?

Top stylists are in the know when it comes to the little tricks that can keep your hair looking its best. Diet, daily habits, and care products can all contribute for good or ill to the health of your hair. Here are a few easy-to-follow tips for healthy hair, regardless of your hair type.

More Good Hair Days


Towel off gently is key to more good hair days

If you have long hair, pulling it into a big sodden towel will yank, weaken, and break strands. Choose an absorbent but lightweight hair towel or turban instead. There are both microfibre and cotton versions. These won’t end up in a teetering pile that can pull out your hair. Alternatively, use a large cotton jersey T-shirt for extra gentle drying.

Other habits you should avoid on wet hair are combing it smooth and pulling it into a ponytail or other tight style. We know it’s hard on weekday mornings, but if at all possible, change your routine to avoid the need to style wet hair. The wet strands are much more prone to breakage.



Eat the right major food groups

However you choose to include them, try to work all of the following in on a weekly basis: protein; iron; omega-3s; zinc; selenium; biotin (found in eggs and whole grains); and vitamins A, C, and E. These will provide the right combination of nutrients and oils to keep your hair from being dry and brittle, and a deficiency in any of them – though particularly iron – can cause hair loss.

Extreme and even moderate dieting for weight loss can also result in hair loss or a decrease in the quality of hair. Once you’ve lost weight and are maintaining, don’t short yourself on any of the above nutrients and your hair should return to a healthy state.


more good hair days


Buy the right products for  more good hair days?

You don’t have to buy the most expensive salon products in order to get decent quality hair care and styling, but there are some things that you should definitely avoid. In no particular order, they are: silicone, alcohol (especially prevalent in cheap hair gels), sulfates, zinc pyrithione and coal tar (common in dandruff-prevention products), and salt (unless accompanied by argan or other oils). All of these sap the moisture from your hair and with enough use can cause it to become brittle and break.

Remember, even Jennifer Aniston’s hair doesn’t grow out of her head like that. We all need some help. So, to reiterate: dry your hair gently – TowelsRus have excellent cotton hair turbans – get the right nutrients, and use decent products.


more good hair days



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