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Rules that help parents motivate their children to write essays during quarantine

Rules that help parents motivate their children to write essays during quarantine

write essays during quarantine


Rules that help parents motivate their children to write essays during quarantine

No matter how hard we try, we are never truly prepared for a global pandemic. The coronavirus reality we are currently living in is not an expedition. When it all started, we had no idea how to navigate our lives in lockdown. We had to google such terms as distance learning definition, as well as tried to avoid being exposed to the virus. We had to figure out how to stay connected while remaining indoors. Some of us had to search for a reliable term paper writing service to make the studying process easier while others simply decided to type ‘write my term paper’ into a search bar and get one of those cheap term papers online.

However, parents are among those societal groups that have had it the hardest as they had to keep working remotely, take care of everything and homeschool their children. The option to buy a term paper from a reliable term paper writing service won’t work in their case, so they had to come up with different ways and new rules in regards to how to motivate their kids to write essays at home. Here are some of the most effective ones.


Read a lot

If you want your child to get better at writing essays and make sure that they won’t have to get affordable term papers from a term paper writing service, read to them a lot, as well as teach them how to read as early as possible. Reading a lot helps children develop their imagination which results in the ability to come up with fascinating stories in writing, as well as being able to express their thoughts on paper in an original way. As a child grows old and goes to college, there may be situations when they decide to look for write my paper cheap services. The main reasons to do that include:

  • Lack of time
  • Inability to complete a difficult assignment
  • Loss of interest in the subject

There is nothing wrong with asking for expert writing assistance or adhering to the samples of affordable term papers one can find online as long as they are used as an example to complete the task one is currently dealing with. Yet, being able to write impressive essays is a skill all students will benefit from. Developing that skill starts from reading a lot.


write essays during quarantine

Make some worksheets for creative writing

This is a great tip you should definitely try, especially when your child often does not feel like writing essays. Spreadsheets help to make a game out of the writing process, thus children seem to be more engaged. If we take a closer look at the issue of home learning year by year, we can notice that there are a few advantages one can make use of, especially while we are all in quarantine. Since parents have more time to spend with their kids, they can give them more freedom to express themselves in any way they want even when the task is to write an essay. What is more, they don’t have to pressure their kids into completing an assignment before the deadline. Thus, the task of a parent is to make an interesting creative writing spreadsheet which their kid can work on for hours. This way, children will be more interested in the assignment while parents will get an opportunity to focus on their own work related tasks.


Make it fun to write essays during quarantine

This is the most important thing to remember when you are trying to teach your child anything. The most effective way to make sure that your kids stay focused on the task is to make the whole process fun. Surely, it will require parents to get creative. Yet , the results will be impressive. What is more, dealing with tasks that are neither boring, nor ordinary helps a child develop an interest in the activity. Thus, you can actually motivate your kid to get fascinated with the literary world which will obviously be a great achievement. They may even choose to have a career in this field. If not, writing essays at school and college will not be a problem for them.


Encourage journaling

Journaling is a great way to keep track of your thoughts and situations that happen to you or around you. By writing something down, you have an opportunity to view it from a different angle. What is more, you can also come back to what you have written years ago and analyze whether the conclusions you have arrived at then are still relevant, or you have completely changed your mind. Apart from that, journaling also helps a person to express their thoughts in a more eloquent way on paper. That is the reason why parents should encourage their children to have a journal and to write entries in it as often as possible. It helps to develop such important creative writing skills as storytelling, coming up with a plot for a story, providing and explaining arguments, as well as learning how to describe a certain situation or concept in detail. All in all, the more practice a child has, the better they become at writing essays. The time of social distancing and staying at home seems like a perfect opportunity to teach your child new skills.

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