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RV Trips with Kids: 6 Tips for Success

RV trips with kids can be both an adventure and a blessing. However, kids are much different from adults, and it is crucial to be prepared just like you would for any other trip involving children. They will be away from home comforts, which can be challenging and even frustrating at times.

The good news is that there’s a place for every family in the RV world. Of course, you’ll need to be flexible and have lots of patience, as well as some creativity, but everything is possible if you’re willing to try hard enough. For instance, you should involve your kids in trip planning. This way, they will be able to decide what activities they want to participate in along the way, and you’ll know whether you should pack a kids kayak so they can go kayaking.


RV Trips with Kids

It’s essential that you do lots of research on the places you want to visit, have a meal and drinks plan, so everyone can eat what they like, and stock up on snacks. Do you feel like you could use some more tips? Read the article below and learn six secrets to a successful RV trip with kids.


RV Trips with Kids


Do Lots of Research

Kids are curious and have endless amounts of energy, so it’s vital to do lots of research on the places you plan to visit.  If you take time to plan carefully all the different activities you want to try when traveling, you will keep the kids busy and allow them to learn about different cultures and historical places.

Involving children in the planning process will give you an idea of what things they would like to try the most, so they can make the most out of every day spent on the road. Take them to historical sites, amusement parks, and zoos while making sure they have opportunities to swim, hike, play in playgrounds, and do many other fun things.


Stock Up on Snacks

Kids love snacking and have big appetites. There’s nothing worse than not having any tasty snacks around when you need them the most! Make sure you create a list of their favorite snacks and stock up on them before hitting the road.


You can let your kids pick a few snacks that aren’t the healthiest, such as their favorite chips or candy, but you should also try to take some healthier options. You can opt for celery and apples with peanut butter, pack some hummus, popcorn, trail mix, as well as different fruits and vegetables. To encourage your kids to eat the latter, try cutting them in fun shapes using cookie cutters.


Plan Meals


Planning meals is essential if you want to keep everyone happy when traveling in the RV, especially when it comes to the young ones.  If you have picky eaters in your family, it can be even more challenging. However, there are ways to make everyone happy. If you decide to cook all the meals, make sure you have a variety of foods that everyone will enjoy, including some unhealthy options, as well as some healthy ones.


Pick something your kids like, but remember that you should opt for healthier options whenever you can. If you go out to eat, take into consideration your kids’ ages and the types of restaurants you’re willing to visit. For example, a fast-food restaurant might not be the best idea if you have a toddler with you.


Be Flexible


No matter how much you plan for the trip, you never know what might happen when traveling with kids. For instance, if you plan on visiting the zoo, there could be a sudden rain shower that causes poor weather conditions, so you can either change plans or visit another day. You also should be flexible enough to stop whenever one family member feels the urge or need to get out of the RV for a few minutes.


The same goes for any activity or place you may want to visit – remember that you need to be willing to adjust your plans accordingly. If something’s closed, but you really wanted to visit it, don’t make a huge fuss about the situation. Take out your phone and research other fun activities near the place you’re currently staying, and change the plans.


Bring Toys


Kids get bored easily, especially when traveling in an RV because they’re forced to sit in one place, and it seems like watching the views through the windows is the only thing they can do. Therefore, don’t forget about bringing along toys to keep them occupied and prevent boredom.


However, don’t overdo it by bringing too many toys, as this could cause clutter and mess! Choose only their favorite ones and pack them carefully in suitcases. Don’t forget to bring along some board games too – they’ll love it, and the whole family will be able to have fun together.


Be Prepared for Anything

Just like any other trip involving children, be prepared for anything – from spills to crying fits. The bottom line is that kids are messy by nature and tend to get into things they shouldn’t be playing with (and eating!) Keep some cleaning wipes close at hand in case of spills or sticky situations, as well as medicine for fevers or any other problems that may arise during the trip.

This way, if something happens and your child gets hurt or sick, you’ll already have the medicine you need to treat them until you get to the hospital. In addition, be sure to create a first aid kit which should include bandages, pain relievers, etc.


In Conclusion – RV Trips with Kids

There are lots of tips and secrets to a successful RV trip with kids, but the most important thing is to be flexible and have lots of patience. To make things easier for everyone, you can also try to involve your kids in the trip planning process, make sure you have plenty of snacks on hand at all times, and plan out the meals for the trip, so when you’re far from home, everyone can eat what they like the most. Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be a headache – with the right mindset and attitude, it can be a fun and exciting experience!

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