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Ryan Seacrest: Golden Globe Fashion


Ryan Seacrest: Golden Globe Fashion

Ryan Seacrest stunned the red carpet and fashion runway at the recent Golden Globe ceremonies. Seacrest attended the event held in California. The award ceremony was celebrating its 76th year of honoring people in television productions and movies. Awards are given to both foreign and US pictures.

There have been many stylish actors and directors walking the Golden Globe’s carpet, but Ryan Seacrest set the tone with his self-named collection labeled Distinction. For the event, he wore a deep burgundy velvet jacket accented with a strikingly black lapel. The form-fitting coat covered a crisp white shirt and matched his black bow tie. His formal black pants and shoes certainly made his collection distinct as he may have intended. His Distinction lineup is conservative and touched with urban style. For example, the shirts are traditionally cut, but the fabric choices have interesting patterns and subtle to bold textures.

As Ryan showed on the runway, his designs effortlessly blend together. The fit is considered a modern stretch fit, which means it sits close to the body, but the fabric blend makes it easy to move in. If you are looking to recreate his Golden Globe look for yourself, you have other color options to select from, such as classic black and blue velvet. Ties and bowties make up a large part of the collection also. For the awards, he wore black, but in his bowtie collection, there are paisley, striped, multicolored, and solid fabrics to choose from. The tie collection also comes with matching pocket squares. For the event, Seacrest sported a simple black pocket square, which was displayed perfectly out of his burgundy jacket. Other colors of pocket squares available are grey silk and paisley.

Mr. Seacrest was not alone on the red carpet that evening. Bradley Cooper attended, and he wore a white Gucci DIY suit with a black bowtie and black shoes. Cooper was nominated for best actor and director for his work in A Star is Born. The winner of the best actor award went to Rami Malek. Malek’s acting in Bohemian Rhapsody won him the esteemed trophy. For the evening, Rami looked traditional in a black Givenchy suit. He also donned a bowtie, but his accessory was white, which matched his white shirt.

Other nominees dressed more modern, such as Timothée Chalamet. He was nominated for his work in the film Beautiful Boy. For the event, Chalamet wore Louis Vuitton, but he did not sport a jacket. Instead, he wore a mock vest. His entire ensemble was black: shoes, pants, long sleeve shirt, and a mock vest. Also opting for a non-traditional look, Darren Criss wore a black jacket peppered with a flower pattern. A definite departure from a suit and tie, Cory Fern wore a lacy top designed by Maison Margiela. The lace showed off his shoulders only, and a black silk cloth covered his chest and arms. The pants appeared to be constructed of the same silky fabric. Other notable designers making appearances were Brunello Cucinelli, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Giorgio Armani.

Seacrest is not only an entertaining actor and host, but he has fashion knowledge, which seems to prevail throughout Hollywood. His appearance at the ceremony can be described as classic with flairs of modern designs. From the traditional cuts to youthful flowing pieces, the Golden Globe Awards was a vehicle for clothing lineups, such as Seacrest, Burberry, and Alexander McQueen, to make a red-carpet appearance. Who is to say which event we will see Ryan Seacrest at again or which one of his pieces he will give us a visual taste of?

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