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Safe Dating During a Pandemic

So how do you go about safe dating during a pandemic?

It is definitely been a lonely and difficult time for a lot of people but for single people especially this has been a time of isolation and understandably their  thoughts have turned to dating. 

But agghh dating during a pandemic how on earth can that be okay, it isn’t even safe for us to see people we do know. 

Here are some tips to keep yourself safe whilst also pursuing romance.


Safe Dating During a Pandemic


Safe Dating During a Pandemic

  • This is a great time to be pursuing dating as you probably have more time than ever on your hands, take full advantage of it – from the safety and comfort of you home
  • Pop on to a local dating app. For example if you are Lincoln based try  Lincolnshire dating You don’t want to have to travel miles to hook up with your date when the time comes so it makes sense to stay local even if you can’t yet meet 
  • Make the very best use of technology start with written messages via text, whats app or messenger. It is a lovely way to build up a knowledge of someone and start a connection.



  • And why not consider a virtual date..you could take lunch together via Teams, have a Netflix party and watch a movie together and chat at the same time, You could even have breakfast in bed together, apart. Virtual dating can be lots of fun.
  • Do check the most recent government guidelines to see what you are actually allowed to do during the pandemic. You can find the most recent guidance here 
  • If you are allowed to meet , socially distanced, to exercise for example, try not to get carried away by passion and the excitement of a first date, this pandemic won’t last for ever – bide your time,  slow build can be (almost) as exciting.




  • Stay positive about the situation, the vaccine is here and the world will open up again. This is not a permanent state of affairs. 
  •  Do check out fun things to do in your area so when the time comes to get together you have a list of cool ideas for dating.  I like to look at places like Tripadvisor for idea of things to do in localised areas.




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