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Safe Holidays – Planning a Lovely Trip to London in 2021

I absolutely love my visits to London and I have missed it so much this year which is why I am planning a trip to London in 2021.  I cannot wait to visit in 2021. I have so many ideas for things I want to do there.

Due to shielding and my children being off school during lock down I haven’t been anywhere much at all and life has been cosy, but unexciting, during the Pandemic. 

We don’t know what is going to happen in the next year in regard to Coronavirus but due to the vaccines on the horizon I am hopeful things will change and the world will begin to open again.

I will have my trusty mask and plenty of hand sanitiser with me by my side in case anyway.

I am ready for London adventures. 


Planning a Trip to London in 2021


Planning a trip to London in 2021

Here are the 10 things I would absolutely put on my list for my trip to London in 2021

  1. Meet up with my best friend who lives in North London  for afternoon tea in a smart hotel (I like the Dorchester!) 
  2. Go to the British Museum  – somewhere I have never been but which I have been looking at online and it looks amazing
  3. Walk around Kensington gardens – my absolutely most favourite London park
  4. Go to Madame Tussaud – again on my bucket list but not yet visited
  5. I would go and watch the entertainers at Covent Garden – a perfect and free way to while away an afternoon
  6. I would go to Borough and Camden markets and browse the jewelry stalls
  7.  Visit Shoreditch and soak up all the new Street Art that has been created since my last visit in 2018 
  8. See a show in the West End (restrictions permitting)
  9. Take a cruise on the Thames
  10. Have lots of lovely street food 

Oh, it is making me happy just to think about it.


Planning a Trip to London in 2021


Why visit London in 2021?

Why London? Well because it had so much to offer of course. Plus I don’t really want to leave the UK for awhile yet, possibly stuck in quarantine on my return and having to negotiate a flight with Coronavirus still at large.



Safe travels on your trip to London in 2021

My advice would be to check the current situation regarding Covid whenever you plan to travel because one thing I have learned is that things change all the time. The best place to check is on the government website


Have you thought about travel plans for next year?


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