How to save space in a small bathroom

There are a numbers of ways you can work on how to save space in a small bathroom and make your home look bigger and none of these ways are complicated, fancy or expensive, they just take a little planning.

save space in a small bathroom

Frugality and making the most of what you have rely as always of forethought and creativity. Bathrooms should look clean , serene and as spacious as possible as these are rooms to relax  in.

Here are 5 of my top tips on how to save space in a small bathroom. I hope you find them useful.


Think about your bathroom furniture

Do you ever think much about your toilet?

I bet you don’t!

Well, you really should because all toilets are NOT the same!

Having a one piece toilet can often be cheaper than their 2 part predecessors. They are also a lot more hygienic and easy to clean which of course makes the bathroom more pleasant. You usually save a few inches too do the streamline profile of a one piece toilet which is of course a brilliantly simple and effective way of saving space in a small bathroom.

Bath or shower

Baths obviously take up more floor space than showers and there is no hard or fast rule that says you have to have a bath. Consider the energy saving  you will make with just a shower and how much bigger your bathroom would look. It is an option and with the addition of different shower heads and lovely shower gels you can stll make it a really p[leasnt and relaxing experience. Think how much time you will save too!

Store up

Rather than cupboards taking up too much floor space, consider tall, slim cupboards or even shelving instead. This will give an aura of space to your bathroom whilst also making the very most of ‘dead’ space  on the walls. This really impacts the visual clutter we see in a bathroom as most people look down not up and floor space is really significant to the whole concept of space in a room. Plus the more storage you have the less clutter will be on view and that helps too!

Light and bright

Despite the trend for dark navy or green walls in the bathroom and a round the home my advice would be if you are trying to maximise a sense of spaciousness do keep your walls and you flooring light and bright. I personally have always favoured white bathrooms but even very light blue would work , dark colours can look dramatic and cosy but light colours make a room look more airy.  For flooring white or grey laminate is bang on trend and looks amazing as do large, light tiles. For  hygiene reasons you will want to avoid carpets  which also do nothing for bringing a sense of space to a room.  Personally I would also avoid patterned tiles as i think they make a room a look smaller too.


Clean and clutter free

Clear surfaces enable a room to look its very best and create an illusion of spaciousness. Sparkly clean and uncluttered windows also add to the sense of space in  a room and simple blinds work best in a small bathroom allowing as much light as possible in. Large and unfussy mirrors that can reflect natural light around the room also help immensely.

Cleanliness is everything in a bathroom and will always make a space look both bigger and brighter.

Do you have any tips on how to save space in a small bathroom, if you do I would love to hear them!



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