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Saving tips for each season of the year

Saving tips for each season

As the year unfolds and the seasons change, there is a range of things that you can do to reduce energy costs and live more sustainably.


Across the whole year: Saving tips for each season of the year

Of course, there are ways to save energy and money all year round. Many people are now reaping the rewards that come from having solar panels on their roofs and enjoying the benefits that come from producing and using a renewable source of energy. To discover whether solar panels are a good option for your home, talk to a company with expert skill and knowledge of solar energy, such as Australian Solar Quotes.


You should adhere the recommended maintenance schedules of all equipment in your home. When equipment is properly maintained, it will operate with greater efficiency, prove more durable, and ultimately save you money. It’s a very good idea to keep a master calendar where you can record when maintenance is required for your equipment and appliances throughout the year.

As a homeowner or occupier, one of the very best things you to do to ensure you are making efficient use of energy is to conduct a home energy audit. Audits of this type assist you to identify where in the home your heating and cooling systems are inefficient. The results of a home energy audit will also give you valuable information about upgrades that can be made to your home to help you save energy and enjoy a reduction in energy expenses.


Before the start of winter:

Prepare for the onset of winter by organising for a qualified technician to test, clean and adjust your heating equipment as necessary. You should also ensure that routine maintenance, such as: replacement of dirty air filters, particular coils, valves and surfaces, is done according to the directions of the manufacturer.

It’s wise to measure the accuracy of thermostats, find and repair any leaky or disconnected ducts, and seal any cracks and openings around doors and windows.


When winter sets in

When winter is upon you, don’t leave heating systems running all day, when no one is home. Set programmable thermostats so that they switch on approximately half an hour prior to people arriving home. Do not set heating temperatures higher than you really need to – this wastes energy and can be very expensive.

When the property is unoccupied, and at night, assist the retention of heat in the building by closing curtains and blinds. On days when there is some sun, keep them open.


Before the start of summer

The same practices with regard to testing, cleaning and adjusting air conditioning equipment that were recommended before winter are also advisable before summer begins. Similarly, routine maintenance of equipment should be carried out.

When budgeting for your electricity expenses in summer, be aware of any price changes administered by your electricity provider.


Saving tips for each season of the year

When summer sets in

Once again, programmable thermostats should be set so that cooling systems do not run all day when no one is home, but turn on approximately thirty minutes before you arrive home.

To keep your home as cool as possible, close windows, doors and skylights. If you have them, make sure blinds, awnings and sunscreens are used.

Whenever air conditioning is not needed, ensure that it is switched off.

As the seasons of the year change, there are steps you can take to ensure that energy is efficiently used in your home. Taking steps to improve energy efficiency in your home will also deliver worthwhile cost savings.


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