Scrumptious Simple Lunches with Tracklements


Today we are talking Scrumptious Simple Lunches with Tracklements

As many of you may know I love to eat! and I even have my own food blog at

 I have learned over the years is that great ingredients more than compensate for a lack of skill in the cooking department. When Tracklements asked me if I would like to incorporate some of their lovely products into my cooking I was delighted to give them a try.

I love a simple lunch idea





Scrumptious Simple Lunches with Tracklements

Have you heard of Tracklements?

They are also known as  Curious curators of culinary condiments.

Based in the heart of Wiltshire they make an award-winning range of over 60 artisan condiments.

Their aim is to make their products as good as the very best homemade. They make them using the highest quality, natural ingredients, handmade in small batches and they work with a variety of  British farmers and spice growers from all over the globe.

Here what I made with some of their lovely products:




Scrumptious Simple Lunches with Tracklements

Oh, the mild deli mustard worked a treat with vegan sausages, it was creamy and tangy and just delicious.


Scrumptious Simple Lunches with Tracklements


Tracklements chilli jam works perfectly with a baguette and brie and grapes and it’s so good I could probably eat it on its own!


Simple Lunches with Tracklements


OOh yum – the mustardy mayonnaise worked a treat with sourdough and goats cheese and a little salad. A simple and very tasty lunch.



More sausages,  this time with Tracklements spicy tomato ketchup sauce – a lovely kick and a great alternative to our normal brand.

I have lots more to try, picallilies, chutneys and so on so I will be back with more to show you soon I am sure. I am a convert to the power of condiments and chutney to jazz up a mal. A taste sensation with minimal effort..just the way I like it!


Scrumptious Simple Lunches with Tracklements – were an absolute treat!


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