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Searching for the perfect white bed

My bedroom is my second favourite room in the whole house. First is  the kitchen with all the hustle and bustle of family life. The food we eat, the crafts we make at the table, the games we play and that chats we have definitely make the kitchen the best room. But the bedroom is my close run second favourite room …it really is lovely.

My bedroom is a child free zone (unless they need a snuggle), it is beautifully decorated and grown up and their is little I would do to change it. It is white and pale blue with wooden furniture and neutral accessories it is calm and serene and being there makes me feel so relaxed.



The rest of the house is full of primary colours  and toys, books and laundry and just busy, busy life. The bedroom is simple, elegant and always tidy. It is my space to breathe.

The only thing I would like to change in it is the bed. The current bed is just a touch too much pine  brown wood plus it is old and creaky and needs replacing.

Scouting for rugs of all things I came across a beautiful white bed at Carpetright which I realized was the exactly the kind of bed I was after. So fresh and such clean lines, it would go perfectly in my bedroom.

I think it would make the room look bigger and break up the brown wood look which is  a bit overdone I think. I love white. I probably have about 6 pairs of white shoes and about 10 white tops!  Always think it looks so clean and uncluttered. Just what I want in a bed.

When buying a new  a bed, kind of like with a sofa or a carpet, you need to think very practically. You are spending a decent amount of money and essentially not only are you buying something you will look at every day but you are also buying something you will use everyday day. It has to be ‘right’ it has to work for you and it has to be in keeping with what you already have.

You also have to ‘feel’ it is right and I just ‘feel’ a white bed would be right (I’m sure you know what I mean’) My only wonder is will I then want white wardrobes too?

I did look at white metal framed beds…but they just felt ‘wrong’ I can’t really explain why.

I think you  have to look around till you just know and I just know a white wood bed is exactly what I am after!


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