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Secrets That Will Make Your Space Look Expensive

 Today – Secrets That Will Make Your Space Look Expensive

Make Your Space Look Expensive

Make Your Space Look Expensive

What is it that gives some homes that designer touch, even if they didn’t cost the earth to design? Some spaces just have a certain luxurious appeal that makes them seem special – a design logic that lends the rooms a considered, well-put together air rather than looking like a collection of separate objects. This hard to define design magic can elevate a space into something truly special, but the good news is there are a few tips and cheats you can adopt to get the appearance of champagne style, even on a lemonade budget.

How an you make your space look expensive?


Think Tonal

One of the most impactful ways to create luxurious style is by picking a tonal colour scheme for the whole house and sticking to it. It can be a jarring effect when each room is decorated in an entirely separate way- what you want to aim for is a harmonising sense of flow throughout the space as a whole. This is a trick used by many an interior designer . So picking out a deliberate palette of three or four colours can help you to set a mood. Using more affordable items, your decor can become more than the sum of its parts when it’s cohesive. This simple trick is behind most designer looking spaces. Committing to a palette you love brings the home together as one, and makes every smaller design choice look intentional – even if the rug is from Ikea, it can look expensive when it looks deliberate.


Less Is More if you want to make your space look expensive

It might seem counter-intuitive, but great design is as much about what you take away as what you add. Too much random clutter weighs a space down and doesn’t give those star pieces room to breathe. There’s a reason design clothing boutiques have very few pieces out on the shop floor- displaying something with more space around it, be that a beautiful vase or a strong piece of artwork, automatically makes it look pricier. Minimalism is a coveted way of life, and while choosing less pieces for your home is actually cheaper, it will appear restrained and elegant to outside observers. This is a key secret that really will make your space look expensive. Simple but fabulous necessary accessories like stylish blinds and stylish radiators can make all the difference


Group It Together

The best designed homes certainly aren’t short on personality, so don’t confuse the less is more approach with not being able to display anything you love. The universal key is the same- to make it look purposeful. So if you have a beloved collection of antique perfume bottles, instead of lessening their impact by scattering them around a room, concentrate them together in a dedicated display space with a bit of lighting, and they’ll look sensational. The same goes for artwork. Got some inexpensive prints that you love? But a bunch of frames all in the same colour scheme but at different sizes and designs, and display them together on one wall. You’ll have a something with way more impact, and that looks like a big budget outlay.


The real secret is to have fun with your space and enjoy your decorate project. Approach it purposefully, and you’ll have amazing style nailed.

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