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Make Your Home Look Expensive

Make Your Home Look Expensive – with these secret styling hacks that really will make all the difference.


Make Your Space Look Expensive

Secrets That Will Make Your Home Look Expensive


Make Your Home Look Expensive

What is it that gives some homes that designer touch, even if they didn’t cost the earth to design?

Some spaces just have a certain luxurious appeal that makes them seem special – a design logic that lends the rooms a considered, well-put together air rather than looking like a collection of separate objects.

This hard to define design magic can elevate a space into something truly special, but the good news is there are a few tips and cheats you can adopt to get the appearance of champagne style, even on a lemonade budget.

How can you make your home look expensive?


make your home look expensive

Make Your Home Look Expensive


To make your home look expensive think Tonal

One of the most impactful ways to create a luxurious style is by picking a tonal colour scheme for the whole house and sticking to it.

It can be a jarring effect when each room is decorated in an entirely separate way- what you want to aim for is a harmonising sense of flow throughout the space as a whole.


Secrets That Will Make Your Space Look Expensive

Secrets That Will Make Your Home Look Expensive


This is a trick to make your home look expensive used by many an interior designer .

So picking out a deliberate palette of three or four colours can help you to set a mood.

Using more affordable items, your decor can become more than the sum of its parts when it’s cohesive. This simple trick is behind most designer looking spaces.


Make Your Home Look Expensive



Make Your Home Look Expensive by attending to detail

Committing to a palette you love brings the home together as one, and makes every smaller design choice look intentional – even if the rug is from Ikea, it can look expensive when it looks deliberate.The detaisl matter and can make sucha huge difference to how your home looks.

It really is worth your time effort and attention when it comes to this. 


black and white bedroom

Make Your Home Look Expensive


Less Is More if you want to make your home look expensive

It might seem counter-intuitive, but great design is as much about what you take away as what you add.

Declutter aggressively so you end up with a home you think looks simply amazing – there is no room for tat if you are aiming for looking your best! 

Too much random clutter weighs a space down and doesn’t give those star pieces room to breathe. So be ruthless and grab those bin liners right now and get to work making your space fabulous again. I And don’t be embarrassed we all get a but cluttered from time to time the secret is to getting on top of it.

There’s a reason design clothing boutiques have very few pieces out on the shop floor- displaying something with more space around it, be that a beautiful vase or a strong piece of artwork, automatically makes it look pricier.


make your home look expensive


Their is irony in design sometimes. Empty space s a way to make your home look expensive and it is not quite as baffling as it seems- space is a premium commodity when it comes to real estate and you want ot aim to make your home look as big, roomy , airy and spacious as you possibly can. One good way to do that ( aside form decluttering) is to embrace the minimalist trend.


Make Your Home Look Expensive with minimalism

Minimalism is a coveted way of life, and while choosing less pieces for your home is actually cheaper, it will appear restrained and elegant to outside observers.


Make Your Home Look Expensive


This is a key secret that really will make your space look expensive. Gosh it is amazing sometimes how little effort you need to go too in order to make a big difference in your home.  Isn’t it odd to think that simply be having less stuff and shopping less often you can make your home look expensive.

I guess sometimes less really does equal more.

Simple but fabulous necessary accessories like stylish blinds and stylish radiators can make all the difference


make your home look expensive

Secrets That Will Make Your Home Look Expensive


Group It Together to make your home look expensive

The best designed homes certainly aren’t short on personality, so don’t confuse the less is more approach with not being able to display anything you love.

The universal key is the same- to make it look purposeful. So if you have a beloved collection of antique perfume bottles, instead of lessening their impact by scattering them around a room, concentrate them together in a dedicated display space with a bit of lighting, and they’ll look sensational.

 Isn’t this such a clever hack, requiring little cost or effort but still having a big impact.


Make Your Home Look Expensive

Make Your Home Look Expensive


Secrets That Will Make Your Home Look Expensive – ART

The same goes for artwork.

 Art can really, hugely impact how a home looks and elevate it substantially.


Make Your Home Look Expensive

Maybe not this kind of art!


Got some inexpensive prints that you love? But a bunch of frames all in the same colour scheme but at different sizes and designs, and display them together on one wall. You’ll have a something with way more impact, and that looks like a big-budget outlay.

The real secret is to have fun with your space and enjoy your decorating project. Approach it purposefully, and you’ll have amazing style nailed.

I hope you have enjoyed this post on secrets that will make your space look expensive – you might also like my post on bold bedroom decor


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Make Your Home Look Expensive


More secrets to make your home look expensive

I asked my blogging friends for their input around this and their ideas and here is what they had to say: I think you will agree they cam e up with some absolutely awesome ideas that are also very achievable too – so over to them!


Adding an architrave around interior windows can instantly transform a boxy-looking window into something much more luxe and expensive looking www.arthurwears.com


Make Your Home Look Expensive


What else can you do to make your home look expensive?

 There really are just so many options and it is a good idea to get a notebook and make a list and get your ideas down ready to set to work as you budget and plan for each upgrade…some will be speedy and quick ways to make your home look expensive. Could you add in  of the suggestions below?

Replace your kitchen cupboards. A nice looking kitchen can add value to your house, but don’t feel you have to spend thousands on a brand new one. Update the doors to all the cupboards and suddenly you have a much nicer looking kitchen and this, in turn, will make your house look more expensive   https://mummytodex.com

Painting the walls white looks slick and clean but also far more airy. This will help to reflect the light around making your rooms appear bigger than they are. It’s a quick and simple way of making it look more expensive. https://emmareed.net


make your home look expensive#


Make Your Home Look Expensive with a bathroom update

Install a beautiful bathroom. Include the finer details like pretty bath taps and units. A stunning bathroom adds value to a house. https://homeinthepastures.com

Use shops like home sense to find unique one off pieces your not likely to find elsewhere on the high street. 1 slightly more expensive armchair can make a room look more styled. Www.twoheartsoneroof.com

I like a bit of individuality too so I think this is a really nice idea don’t you? It is good to express yourself a little in your home and stop it being boring.  it will certainly make your home look expensive. 



What about a kitchen refresh to Make Your Home Look Expensive

You can easily update tired cupboards or kitchen units with a vinyl wrap.

I do promise you that it is really not as tricky as it sounds. 

There are loads of YouTube videos for hints and best of all a roll can cost about a fiver so you can quickly and cheaply update your entire kitchen to make it look brand new and modern  HTTPS://Twinderelmo.co.Uk

 Why not check it out and see if this could work for you?



Sticking to a core colour palette works well for me. And it turns out I am absolutely not the only on who thinks this way.

I used to have a variety of different cushions and throws across the living in a multitude of different colours and patterns for example. I spent around £30 buying new cushion covers in just two colours which matched the sofa, larger furniture and overall room far more and the space immediately looked more pulled together and finished. https://sunshineandrain.info


Make Your Home Look Expensive

Make Your Home Look Expensive


Go light and airy make your home look expensive

Declutter! Do it first before any other kind of upgrade – it really does make the world of difference and goes a very long way on the path to make your home look expensive. here how some people how found decluttering has worked for them,




A good clear out and keeping things in cupboards and dressers makes everything look so much better. https://pinkpearbear.com

Focus on light, making your home look. brighter, lighter and more spacious. Look to change your curtains and blinds, update and modernise windows and add features to bring more light in, for example adding a glass panelled front and back door. www.ricecakesandraisins.co.uk

A big, decorative mirror can add a luxe look. Besides, mirrors reflect light and make a room look bigger so that’s an added advantage.talesfrommamaville.com

Shutters have been the best investment in pulling our home’s decor together and making it look more sophisticated and expensive. It was a small investment that will last for many years to come. Not only that but they are a great insulator and add real value to a home – a win-win. Www.homeandhorizon.com


Make Your Home Look Expensive


Make Your Home Look Expensive with a gallery wall

Create a gallery wall with black and white photos or prints. You can source frames and mounts cheaply from IKEA and then get creative with your favourite pieces of content. You can use an editing app like Snapfish to turn your phone snaps black and white and then get them printed to fit the frames you have chosen. Www.maidenheadmum.co.uk

Change your door and furniture handles and cupboard knobs to more modern/expensive looking ones. You’ll be surprised how it makes the whole space feel more luxury. www.allaboutamummy.co.uk

A gallery wall just shouts of style and sophistication. Get planning yours! 



Make the most of Smart Home products – there are so many to choose from these days and the price is coming down all the time. We have recently installed smart curtains.

When I get up, I can bid Alexa good morning and when I come down the lights are on, the curtains are open and the kettle is boiling. All from one voice command! This works to make your space look more expensive https://recipeforhome.co.uk/


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