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Securing Your Home: 6 Top Tips To Keep You And Your Family Safe

Keeping your home safe and secure is vital for your peace of mind. There are a range of potential dangers that your home may face, and proper security precautions can help mitigate many of them. You should have a planned approach to home security and consider every way you can improve and bolster your defences. 

This article will explore some of the best ways to secure your home, giving you peace of mind and keeping your family safe. 

Top Tips To Keep You And Your Family Safe

Get A Smart Doorbell And Security Cameras

Smart doorbells have exploded in popularity in recent years and with good reason. A smart doorbell can help you identify who is at your door without having to open it. The types of smart doorbell vary, with some allowing you to talk to the person on the other side of the door remotely. This can be invaluable for receiving deliveries when you’re away and for giving you a safe way to know who you’re opening your door to. 

Many smart doorbells also double as security cameras. In addition to a smart doorbell, you should invest in security cameras that capture video of all areas of the exterior of your home. Ensure that they are motion-triggered so that you’re aware of whatever is happening outside your home. 

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Have An Alarm System Installed

An alarm can be a great option to help deter potential thieves. It would help if you looked at motion-triggered alarms, which you can set at night and when you leave home. You could also consider an alarm system that has sensors on the windows. Always have an alarm system fitted by qualified professional locksmiths like Sure Locks. This will ensure that your alarm system works correctly and offers you the best protection. 

Hot water maintenance

Sutherland Shire hot water system repair is a great way to get your hot water up and running if you have a problem and the perfect choice if you live in Sutherland Shire and need your old hot water system repaired or replaced


Replace The Windows

If your windows have seen better days, getting an upgrade can be a fantastic way to improve your home security. Choose double or triple glazed windows for the best energy efficiency and safety. If you notice a window has become loose or cracked, get this replaced immediately as this can be a significant security risk. 


Invest In A Safe For Valuables

Keeping your valuables locked up and out of sight is another great way to deter thieves. Most burglars will choose an easy target, and having plenty of valuables out in clear sight can attract them. Having a safe fitted to your home can ensure that your valuables will be too challenging for a potential burglar to take. 


Tips To Keep You And Your Family Safe

Put Your Keys Out Of Sight

Many people leave their keys on a dish or table near the front door for ease of access. This can present a tempting target for potential thieves, particularly if you have valuable cars. You should put your keys safely out of sight, preferably in a drawer or box. 


Put Your Lights On A Timer

If you go away on holiday or for work, it is good to invest in smart lighting. This can allow you to turn your home lights on and off remotely, giving the appearance of there being someone at home even while you’re away.




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