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How to select the perfect Ceiling Light

How to select the perfect Ceiling Light

Do you know just how to select the perfect ceiling light for your home? The first thing to consider is how that lighting will be used.  There are three typical kinds of home lighting: task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting.

Task lighting should be bright enough to help one see well the job at hand, such as preparing food in the kitchen, putting on make-up, or reading.  Ambient lighting creates the atmosphere in a room, often a soft, level light. Accent lighting provides drama and interest to a space.

To choose the proper ceiling lights, consider the room height.  Low ceiling rooms most likely need a flush or semi-flush light, whereas high, soaring ceilings can accommodate a striking fixture such as a crystal chandelier or hanging pendant.  No matter the height, bathroom light choices should be both practical and stylish, and of course, comply with safety regulations.

Another consideration is the kind of bulbs used, especially if the light will be left burning for long periods of time, such as in an entrance.  If so, energy efficiency is of the utmost importance.  There are also energy compliance requirements to consider if you are completing new construction.

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How to select the perfect Ceiling Light

Small areas with heavy traffic, such as landings or stairways, can benefit from flush fittings or recessed lights. These areas, especially stairways, should be well-lit, with the light directed to the edges of the steps.  Larger areas such as living rooms, where ceiling lights are the main light source, can use fixtures with multi-arm lights ranging from five to eight bulbs. 

For lower ceilings or smaller living rooms, a three-arm light is usually sufficient, and up-facing ceiling lights help give small rooms a sense of being more spacious.

How to select the perfect Ceiling Light

Dining Room Lighting

Flexibility is called for when planning dining room lighting.  The main source will likely be a ceiling light above the table, although additional lighting in the room may be added for ambience.  A multi-arm light or chandelier, even when not turned on, can provide a central focus to the room.  When installing the chandelier, consider a programmable dimmer switch to alter the mood of the room.  More than one chandelier can be used if the space is large enough and this will make a bold statement of style.

Since the kitchen is often the center of the home, we’ll show you just how to select the perfect ceiling light for it. Of course, the entire room should be well-lit. Good lighting is essential over the sink, food preparation counters, and eating area.  A central ceiling light is the best option, and often recessed down lights are used, and are positioned directly above and slightly forward of the spot where one will stand and work, to avoid shadows.  Long fluorescent fittings with a multi-spot bar are often a good choice in the kitchen.  Smaller chandeliers or pendant lights can be used over a table in the eating area or breakfast bar.

Whether you need lighting for a new construction, or are updating your existing home, contact us to help select your new lighting.  We will work to make your home comfortable and inviting, and will help you make the best use of your home’s space. 

We have 30 years of experience at Abbeygate Lighting, with three showrooms for your convenience in Felixstowe, Bury St. Edmunds, and Norwich.  You may contact us for more tips on ways to use lighting in your household and just how to select the perfect ceiling light.  Our goal is always to give excellent customer service and our range of lighting options offer style, elegance, and quality at competitive prices.


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