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Sengled Pulse Solo Review


So excited to be doing a Sengled Pulse Solo Review

App controlled speakers in a light bulb sound like something you would get in a James Bond movie. When I was offered one to review i could not resist,. I knew my iPhone loving kids would just adore being able to control their lights and music with an app 9and actually I thought it sounded lots of fun too, pulse, Sengled Pulse Solo Review


Sengled Pulse Solo Review

The Sengled Pulse Solo is the world’s first combination of LED light and multichannel stereo sound. It comes with an integrated JBL speaker system. The Pulse Solo combines dual 3-watt speakers with modern LED lighting technology.

All you have to do is simply screw the bulb into an existing light and pair it with the free Sengled app which can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet.Then you can turn your light up and down (or off)  or your music up and down and stream it from your device. Super simple and I even managed to sort it all out myself (and I am a bit of a technophobe!)

We just loved this lighbulb speaker and had a bit of a disco in the lounge. In a smallish house like ours which I try (and fail) to keep clutter free having your speaker hidden away in a lightbulb is a really fun  and nifty solution,

I think this makes a fantastic music lovers gift idea don’t you?

Pulse Solo is available here (current pricing £46.96)


i do hope you enjoyed my Sengled Pulse Solo Review

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