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SensatioNail Strip Gel Review

Sensationail strip gel review

I was so excited to be offered a Sensationail strip gel review

I love having gel nails done but oh the time and money involved mean this is something I do rarely and as a treat. It frustrates me too that in order to remove the gel I have to go back o the salon and have them removed – and pay for the privilege.


A new and innovative product has come onto the market though that making gel nail removal as easy as it’s ever been – no acetone or tools needed. I really like the sound of that!

SensatioNail’s brand new Peel Off Strip Gel Base Coat is a pioneering air-dry gel nail polish base that easily removes gel polish from nails by simply peeling it off without damage, while maintaining up to 2 weeks of gel manicure wear akin to the finish from a professional salon.

Now doesn’t that juts sound utterly mazing? I was very excited to be sent it from SensatioNail to review.

It works with all SensatioNail original gel polishes, You just simply replace the standard base coat, with no need to cure or use a primer. This standard base coat makes it super simple for you to peel the gel off when required.

Sensationail strip gel review


Looking a bit worse for wear – I have been gardening!

I cleaned them and did my cuticles and buffed them, then applied the base coat ready for painting.

Once cured it was simply a matter of applying the top coat and curing again. It really was that simple.



This hugely speeds up the process and helps prevent damage to nails caused by incorrect or excessive removal and the skin dryness that acetone can cause.

If you are someone who likes their nails to look really fresh or who likes to change their colour regularly this is a real plus.  You can peel off the gel any time from 48 hours after application, but it does not change the wear time so you can still wear of high shine, chip-resistant gel for up to 2 weeks if you wish.

How fabulous!


It was so easy and so quick to do my nails and simple as anything to remove the gel just by peeling. Quick to apply and speedy to remove with no damage done. How great is that!

Love this product and I got a great high shine!


SensatioNail PeelOff

The Strip Gel Deluxe Starter Kit includes:

  • LED lamp with USB lead & mains adaptor
  • StripGel Peel Off Base Coat
  • Buffer
  • Cleanser & Wipes
  • Raspberry Wine Gel Polish
  • Mystery Bonus Gel Polish colour
  • Non-Wipe Top Coat

The instruction booklet is clear and super easy to follow and the whole process took less that in 10 minutes – how fab is that? I may never go to the nail bar again!

I’m not one for bright colours so I used their baby doll pink and it was very subtle and pretty!

The PeelOff StripGel Starter Kit is priced at £59.99, available at www.sensationail.co.uk



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