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Serious Readers Alex Light Review

Serious Readers Alex Light Review – come and find out what we thought.

Serious Readers Alex Light Review

Serious Readers Alex Light Review


Serious Readers Alex Light Review – what we thought

 We put this lovely piece of lighting kit through it’s paces to bring you this   Serious Readers Alex Light Review


My life-long love affair with books

I love to read. Reading has given me pleasure my entire life.

I remember my lovely dad reading me Mr Men books and making my sister and I giggle so much. My mum read me The Magic Faraway tree and I got lost in strange worlds. I recall swapping books with my best friends and endlessly dissecting the stories imagining ourselves in them.

I have vivid memories of snuggling under my cover reading late into the night by torchlight hoping my parents wouldn’t realise. I studied English for A level and then took a degree in  American Literature which I adored ..books, books, books.

As a mum reading to my kids each day and then teaching them to read themselves was an absolute pleasure.

They are both HUGE readers, now aged 11 and 14 they devour books!  As an adult I have written 2 books and had them published, my latest is a book is about happiness for Children called Create Your Own Happy which was published by Harper Collins in 2018. I do adore writing and to this day I read all the time, all sorts of books and still derive immense pleasure from this, my favourite pastime.


Serious Readers Alex Light Review

The problems I have with reading

Sometimes I am just too tired to read for long these days and the fact my eyes sometimes have to strain to read does not help. At nearly 50 my eyes are not so young anymore. My house is also rather dark and my bedside light does not do the job it needs to illuminating my pages. I needed something better / something more to help me read longer and with less strain.

I was delighted to be offered an Alex floor light from Serious Readers to review. I had great hopes it would make my reading easier.





The Alex floor lamp from Serious Readers

The Alex floor light has some seriously impressive qualities. It is not just a floor light – it is a specific light for readers These lights are designed by readers, for readers and are built with the sole purpose of helping you see.

The Alex light is powerfully bright yet cool to the touch and comes with a dimming option. It casts 6x more light on your page than a traditional 60w filament bulb.

Six times more light!

Wow, now that is impressive. It has an optimised 4,000K light beam too.


Serious Readers Alex Light Review

Serious Readers Alex Light Review


So who uses an Alex Light?

The Alex Light projects an intense beam which does not decay with age.

It is for anyone who has to strain to read so people like me! It has also been used at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, home to the Chelsea Pensioners and Heathrow Air traffic Control have relied upon this light for improving sight. So pretty impressive credentials. The results of my Serious Readers Alex Light Review are that yes indeed I would definitely recommend it – it really does make reading far easier.


Serious Readers Alex Light Review


Serious Readers Alex Light Review – How does it work?

The Alex LED reading light uses state of the art technology to project cool (as in temperature) long life (LED) high-intensity beams that support and protect your vision. It sheds a bright beam in a wide pattern that is SO close to daylight. You will be able to see fine detail with no strain.


Serious Readers Alex Light Review – Did it work for me?

I found reading with this light just so pleasant. It absolutely lived up the hype. I read with less effort and for longer and it felt such a pleasant light – almost like daylight. I loved that it doesn’t get hot and hardly uses any energy and I love that it has such a great guarantee. I am happy to buy higher-priced products if they are effective but I do like them to be efficient to run, safe and long-lasting too. I would most definitely recommend this light. As well as helping out my eyes I am aware there are other health benefits to serious readers lights.


Serious Readers Alex Light Review


The benefits to your health of a Serious Light

Because you aren’t straining to read you will sit with better posture and in a more relaxed manner. I did feel much more relaxed using this light. It feels so effortless to read now and my body feels less tense as a result.

The lack of strain you are putting on your eyes will also benefit not only your eye health but limit risk of headaches too.


Is the Alex light worth the money?

For an avid reader losing the ability to read easily and clearly as they get older is frustrating and upsetting. If reading is your thing and important to you  I would say these are worth the money – absolutely. It uses an energy efficient 5w light engine and an LED bulb that will last you ages so the quality and efficiency is assured. Have a look here for a specific price on the Alex Floor Light



Alex light options

So many options to suit your decor and your preferences.

There are lightweight models with a contemporary look (like the one I have here) and there are heavyweight models with wooden carry handles – there are black and nickel and brass and white and the options of a dimmer switch. You can basically find a light to suit your home. Oh, and they have table lamps too! And of course, there are other models of Serious Readers lights. Head on over to Serious Readers and have a good look around. Our home is quite modern so the white lightweight model totally worked for us and it looks great.


Serious Reader Alex Light Review Complaints? A risk-free trial

If you have any serious reader complaints then that is just fine. There is no reason to worry

Now I am aware that although this has totally worked for me it will not work for everyone so you do get to try your light for 30 days absolutely risk-free. They even collect it at their own cost and refund you or if you wish give you another model to try. So there is no risk at all in giving one of these lights a go!


Which Serious Light is right for you?

Serious Reader lights are an investment for serious readers, they are not a cheap piece of kit so you want to be sure you get the light that is right for you. You can use their live chat service to point you in the right direction or give them a call on Freephone 0800 032 9366 to discuss your best option




Conclusions from our Serious Readers Alex Light Review

So a thumbs up for us on our Serious Readers Alex Floor Light Review  – it a real enhancement to our reading and we are telling everyone about it! Reading is such a route to pleasure and to escapism and reduced stress too. I am pleased to tell you this floor lamp just makes the whloe experience even better


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Serious Readers Alex Light Review

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