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Setting up a small coaching business

Setting up a small coaching business


Setting up a small coaching business

I have been thinking for some time about starting a small business coaching.

I trained as a life coach specialising in NLP  in 2018 and I do long to put it into practice. I wouldn’t want to work form our home and I don’t feel it would be fair on my kids having to be quiet. And, let’s be honest, they aren’t exactly very good at it!  I feel a small coaching building would be just perfect. I would want something bespoke and absolutely not shed like!. We have a fairly large garden.

Useful Structures are a UK leading supplier of marketing suites for use in the housing development industry  They provide temporary buildings the kind you see when you go to look at new homes or apartments and pop into the sales or marketing office on-site to see what it is all about.  They not only provide storage solutions, marketing suites and temporary warehousing but they can also provide modular building s such as fitness studios and offices. This could be just what I am looking for.


My dream coaching quarters when setting up my small coaching business

I have a little fantasy about a suite of 3 rooms a waiting area, a relaxation lounge and a therapy room.

We are looking to move in the next couple of years and lets me tell you the absolute best thing about Useful Structures,  all their buildings are relocatable. Isn’t that fabulous. You can just pick it up and go! (well they would pick it up for you I imagine!) 



What I would need to consider  when setting up a small coaching business

As well as a building for my coaching I have a checklist of other criteria I  would need to address

  • Advertising
  • Insurance
  • Supervision for my practice
  • Working Hours
  • School holidays?
  • Safety
  • Confidentiality
  • Record keeping 
  • Continuing Professional Development



Setting up a small coaching business


I have some of these areas already covered but others need a bit of work.   I am so excited to get my plans put into action.

Do you have a business dream? that you would like to see happen. I am going to give myself a date for getting my coaching business started. And, even if the building takes a little longer to organise I AM going to get it underway in 2020.

I hope you have enjoyed my post on Setting up a small coaching business it’s good to set your dreams down, isn’t it? It really helps a plan start to form.


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