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Seven Spanish Angels – why it’s so special

Seven Spanish angels

He had no warm-up or support band and he played for over 2 hours. He sang Seven Spanish Angels.

He was gravelly-voiced, in his 60’s and cool as cool could be.

It is in Nottingham in the UK and I had gone to see him with my mum.

We adored him. I would have run away with him on the spot.

I have always loved a cowboy.

Willie Nelson is the cowboy of cowboys.


Seven Spanish Angels


Seven Spanish Angels Duet

My beautiful mum adored listening to Seven Spanish Angels which he sang with Ray Charles.

She played it till the end of her days. I like to think it made her think of joining my dad one day. I play it now and think of them both together and though inevitably I cry,  inevitably I smile too.

Music has such power.

I have tracked down copies of the CD mum had in very good condition for just a couple of pounds from Amazon.

I have her original but I am going to pop a copy into each of my children’s treasure boxes. It captures their grandparents love story I think.

Isn’t it amazing how your heart can be touched by a simple song



This song is part of my children’s legacy.  And their mum is an old romantic fool!




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