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Seven Spanish Angels

He had no warm up or support band and he played for over 2 hours. He sang Seven Spanish Angels.

He was gravelly voiced, in his 60’s and cool as cool could be. We adored him. I would have run away with him on the spot.

I have always loved a cowboy.

seven spanish angels

My beautiful mum adored  to listen to Seven Spanish Angels which he sang with Ray Charles.

She played it till the end of her days. I like to think it made her think of joining my dad one day. I play it now and think of them both together and though inevitably I cry,  inevitably I smile too.

Music has such power.

I have tracked down copies of the CD mum had in very good condition for just a couple of pounds from Amazon. I have her original but I am going to pop a copy into each of my children’s treasure boxes. It captures their grandparents love story I think.

So this Magpie Monday sees me buying two old cd’s for 2 little kids.


This song is part of their legacy.  And their mum is an old romantic fool!


Image of Willie Nelson, seven spanish angels




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