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Sex and dating in your 40’s

Sex and dating in your 40’s


Sex and dating in your 40's


Sex and dating in your 40’s

Okay, so a little change of subject for me here today at A Beautiful Space I am going to talk about sex and dating in your 40’s. I have found that as I have gotten older I have found talking about this stuff easier and thinking outside of the box comes more easily too. I suppose with experience you realise there is a whole world out there in regard to dating and sexual preference.

It can be tricky to talk about though if you are older as we were raised to be a lot less open generally in discussing dating if it wasn’t linked to the love stuff.

But unless we talk about it we keep our needs and desires suppressed and we don’t find out what it is that we actually want. We also don’t realise that a whole lot of other people want the same thing too.

And in terms of adult dating, well times are a-changing  that is for sure sex and dating in your 40’s is something we can all talk about these days!

I don’t know about you but I was raised on a steady diet of country songs and mills and boons book. Love was forever and broken hearts never mended. One night stands ended in disaster and it was never ever about casual fun.  I still absolutely do ultimately believe in romance and one true love and happy endings.  But the quest for true love has its time and place and sometimes..well sometimes it is definitely time for other kinds of dating, something a bit more casual perhaps?

What do you think?

Or is Sex and dating in your 40’s a taboo subject for you?  


Adult dating – the benefits of taking it online  for sex and dating in your 40’s

A lot of the adult dating world these days is online. In our connected world and the busy world, this makes a great deal of sense. rather than hanging around a bar or clubs or evening classes (are they even still a thing?) hoping to meet someone lovely.

Dating websites cut out a lot of wasted time and dodgy chance encounters. 

They also enable you to dispense with confusion as you can be very clear from the outset about exactly what you are looking for. There have been so many times in my life when dating confusion has led to heartache for one of the parties involved. bring absolutely crystal clear whether you are /are not after just casual fun allows both parties to know where they stand. 

This upfront  and voluntarily and mutual agreement can be a huge stress relief when it comes to adult sex and dating in your 40’s


Sex and dating in your 40's

Sex and dating in your 40’s


Specific dating desires for sex and dating in your 40s

Do you have specifics that are important to you when it comes to dating? Do you like a particular type of encounter or adventure, a particular type of look in a partner? Dating websites can be like a pic a mix store for sex and dating in your 40’s you have lots of options to find a match that really attracts you. It is definitely a different way of dating and more calculated but not in a bad way.  It’s not just about waiting for an elusive spark. it is more about meeting your own needs with somebody who wants the exact same from their dating experience as you do. 

So what kind of specifics am I talking about?


Cougar Dating 

Well for example if cougar dating was your thing then a website like No Strings Attached would be for you. Cougar dating is when an older woman wants to hook up with a younger man – a bit of a role reversal form the sugar daddy days –  that a lot of women (and men) enjoy.

And using a specific dating profile really allows you to be absolutely clear about what you are interested in so both parties know exactly what they are signing up to. I think this lack of confusion can be really useful! Dating can be fraught with misperceptions and really time-consuming too.

Whatever kind of casual relationship you are after then a website like this can meet your needs. It a very modern way to date and a far cry from how things used to be but for a lot of people, this is so much more efficient, fun and clear. 

Would this appeal to you?


Over to you for more sex and dating in your 40’s

I hope you have enjoyed this post on sex and dating in your 40’s. I would love to hear about your experiences of this – so please do drop me a comment below if you have something you would like to share. You might also like my post on dating in later years as well as possibly  how to be more content and my kegel angel review


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