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How to create a She Shed

today – how to create a she shed


How to create a She Shed



How to create a She Shed – top tips

The “She Shed” trend has started to pick up over recent year, and it’s easy to see why. Sheds are criminally underused in most gardens, and turning them into a writing room or reading area can be much more useful than stuffing them full of old shovels and dead plants. The garden experts at Fylde Grass have explained how to create your very own She Shed, and the list below should help you get started on your new project:


Clean it out

Unless you’re an avid gardener, you’ve probably forgotten what’s actually in your shed – don’t feel guilty, you’re definitely not alone. If you’ve got a spare hour or two on a lazy weekend, make it your mission to clear it all out and leave the shed completely empty.

If you don’t actually have a shed, or simply can’t be bothered to empty out whatever’s inside, you could always buy an easy-to-build shed kit and start afresh!


Decide what you’ll use it for

Once you’ve got a nice and clean shed, you should think about what you actually need it for. This doesn’t just mean writing and reading, but things like storing food or having an internet connection – these are all things that completely change the amount of effort it’ll take.


Repair and reinforce

Older sheds might be a bit rotten or damp, and some could be a strong storm away from collapsing. It’s not hard to replace some boards or nail some stronger wooden panels to the walls, and it can help give your She Shed a rustic DIY-themed feel.



This is when you can really let your personality shine! Is your favourite colour combo baby pink and dusty blue? Or maybe a beautiful sky blue? Well, why not paint your shed those lovely colours? It’s a ‘She Shed’ for a reason!


Start setting up the furniture

This can be the trickiest part of building a She Shed, depending on what you’re needing from it. Setting up running water or internet access can take a long time, but a simple reading room or meeting spot needs nothing more than a few seats and a small table. If you need an electric supply and working plumbing, getting professionals to help is your best bet, so don’t be afraid to cut corners and leave these things out if they’re not necessary.



Let your garden get involved

One of the biggest draws to having a She Shed is the fact that it’s right in the middle of your garden. You could grow all kinds of plants in window boxes and hanging baskets, or bring the feeling of the garden indoors with some artificial grass and replica plants – the fact that you’re in a shed should be used as a feature, rather than a flaw.


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