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Should a house have a name?

Should a house have a name?


Should a house have a name


Should a house have a name?

Should a house have a name? Hmmm, well for me it is a resounding yes but I know there are many opinions about this. Here is my argument FOR a name

I have always liked homes to have a name, not just a number.


should a house have a name


When I was a child my best friends house had a sign that spelt out ‘Mapenajo’ and I always wondered what that meant. It was many years later  I asked and they told me it was the first two letters in each of their daughter’s names rolled together. How very lovely is that!


Should a house have a name? – Does mine?

Mine doesn’t have a name and I think this is a real shame. It definitely has its own identity, it’s a quirky lopsided type of home that is warm and welcoming and colourful. If I had to give it a name I would probably call it The Nook. It is our nook. I like thee idea of calling it Heartsease (after the plant) and because our hearts ease when we come home but nope, The Nook it would be. Does this sound too cottage-y? I live right in the heart of leafy suburbia so maybe it’s not entirly right. I do like it though.

Perhaps I need to think on this some more…hmm it’s as tricky as naming your child!


How to name your house

I would love to design a beautiful sign for my house

should a house have a name


House signs

There are some lovely examples over at Signomatic.co.uk where you can also have a play around with fonts and sizes and colours until you eventually find the style that works best for you. This is very easy to do and within moments you can have a myriad of images to choose from.

I like brass – very classy I always think. It would make my house feel very posh!


Should a house have a name? A more modern appraoch

I also think the black plastic looks good..much more contemporary



I love that I can experiment with colour, font etc. before making a decision as this avoids expensive mistakes being made by an impulsive order.



Which would you choose? Does the colour work do you think? I have a white front door so I do like the idea of a little colour to jazz up our front.

Should a house have a name? I am thinking that’s a yes Oh, I really do think it is time we named our house.


What do you think – should a house have a name?

Does your home have a name and if it does – how did you decide on it?


Should a house have a name?, there are so many opinions on this but lets consider the argumenets iand if you do decide then how do you choose you house name? #housename

Should a house have a name?

The ten most popular house name in the UK

Orchard 11894

Meadow 11473

Rose Cottage 11308

Holly 8131

Oak 8032

Willow 7913

School House 4323

The Willows 4107

Sunnyside 3982

Springfield 3958

For a full list of the top 50 head on over to this article


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