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Should I Sell My Great Grandfather’s Medals?

Should I Sell My Great Grandfather’s Medals?

Many of us have family heirlooms passed down through generations that hold significant sentimental value. One such item that many families possess is the collection of medals earned by their great grandfathers who served in the military. These medals symbolise their bravery, dedication, and the sacrifices they made for their country. However, the question arises: should you sell your great grandfather’s medals? In this blog, we’ll explore the factors you should consider before making this decision and the alternatives available to you.


Should I Sell My Great Grandfather's Medals?


To Sell or Not to Sell: Weighing Your Options

In recent years, there has been a steady increase in interest in various types of historical memorabilia, which could make it a very good time to sell medals and militaria. But before you do so, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons carefully.


Pros of Selling – Sell your medals


Monetary Value

While selling your great grandfather’s medals can provide a financial benefit, it’s important to consider that the monetary value of the medals may not be as high as you anticipate. The worth of the medals depends on various factors, such as their rarity, condition, and the historical significance of the events they are associated with. However, just because your medals aren’t worth thousands doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sell them. After all, you could use the money to buy something that brings you joy.



Selling your great grandfather’s medals can help you declutter your home and reduce the number of items you need to store or maintain. This can be especially helpful if you have limited space or are looking to simplify your living environment.


Passing on the Legacy to Someone Who Will Appreciate Them

If you feel that you cannot give your great grandfather’s medals the care and attention they deserve, selling them to someone who will appreciate and cherish them may be a positive choice. In this way, you can ensure that the medals continue to be valued and respected as symbols of your great grandfather’s service.


Cons of Selling – Should I Sell My Great Grandfather’s Medals?


Sentimental Importance

The sentimental value of your great grandfather’s medals should not be underestimated. These items represent your family’s history and your ancestor’s personal sacrifices. Parting with these treasured items can result in feelings of regret, especially if they have been passed down through generations.


Preserving Family History

Keeping your great grandfather’s medals can help you preserve your family’s history and ensure that future generations have a tangible connection to their ancestors. In contrast, selling the medals can lead to a loss of this historical link and the stories associated with it.


Sharing Your Ancestor’s Story

Your great grandfather’s medals symbolise the story of his military service and the events in which he participated. By keeping or displaying the medals, you can share this story with family members, friends, and others who may be interested in learning about your great grandfather’s experiences.

Ultimately, the decision to sell your great grandfather’s medals is a personal one that should be made after careful consideration. It’s essential to weigh the sentimental importance against the need to preserve your family’s history and the desire to share your great grandfather’s story with others.

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