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Should you try for a flat or a house?

Today- Should you try for a flat or a house?

Should you try for a flat or a house?


Should you try for a flat or a house?

Everyone’s looking for that one perfect place to call home. However, everyone has different needs and preferences, and not everyone would be happy with the same space. Additionally, some may prefer to live in a flat while others would desire the security of a house. It’s a tough decision-making process to the say the least!

But what should you go for? If you’re undecided, what factors might help you narrow down your choices?

Consequently, here’s a few pointers that might help you answer that niggling question; should you try for a flat, or a house?



Flats tend to be better located compared to houses. They’ll often be found in town or city centres, which means only short walks are required to get to things like shops, gyms, and for the lucky few, jobs too. Everything is nearby, and great views can also be found on things like balconies, which are standard for flats too!

Houses, however, are often found on the fringes of cities and towns. Most of them will perhaps be in a more suburban area, where a car or bus route is needed to get into the highstreets. Ultimately, they need to be in more isolated, which isn’t necessarily convenient for everybody. At the very least though, they have more privacy!


Freehold and leasehold

While homes tend to be freehold (owning the lands and building outright), this obviously comes with far more expense that many people, particularly younger generations, simply can’t afford. It’s a secure arrangement, but a pricier one that also comes with far more homeowner responsibilities.

Alternatively, flats tend to be leasehold (the property can only be used for a number of years) in exchange for paying ground rent to the freeholder. Many people assume this can lessen the assurances, but done properly and with some expert support, it can actually be an advantageous situation to be in. All of the legal hassle, repairs and negotiations can be done on your behalf, and you can live a more flexible and carefree life in many respects.


Space constraints

Most homes boast a healthy amount of space. There’re numerous rooms, garden areas, and often plenty of driveway space also. Additionally, homes are more generally fit to accommodate entire families and pets too. There’s no way around it, homes are more ideal for the person with a more family-orientated lifestyle.

Flats are, obviously, less spacious in most cases. While you can come across luxury penthouses that could rival a house for space, they’re ludicrously expensive and only the tiniest fraction of flat dwellers live in these kinds of spaces. Most people duke out in tiny one-two bedroom offerings with a cramped kitchen, so in most cases, houses are more spacious.



There’s no definitive answer as to which is better and living in a house or flat is down entirely to your personal circumstances and preferences. Some are comfortable renting if it means they’re central to the city, others buy houses so that they can raise their family. Each has perks and drawbacks, so keep them in mind before committing to either way of living!


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