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Should your next radiator be electric?

Should your next radiator be electric? Let us tae a look at the pros and cons

Radiators are a funny old thing. Even as we get close to another great British summer (I can smell the Pimm’s and Barbecues already), there are a few of us out there who will still insist on having the heating on for an hour or so in the evening, just to help keep the chill out of the air.

Now that it is getting to the time year when we don’t rely on having the heating on, maybe it’s time to think about shopping around for a radiator when the prices are at their lowest. Yes, now is the time to snag a bargain on a radiator as it’s when demand is lowest.

And if you’re looking for ways to upgrade bits and bobs around the house, it might be worth your time researching electric radiators. They used to be quite expensive a few years ago, but just like TVs and washing machines, the price keeps going down.


Should your next radiator be electric?

I wanted to highlight a few points to consider when shopping for a new electric radiator, and if it’s a good fit (both figuratively and literally) in your home.



They dramatically lower fuel usage

It used to be that you would weigh up the cost of an electric radiator, which used to be quite expensive, with what you’d spend on a standard radiator and heating over so many years. Thank goodness those days are over though.

You can get quite a good deal on all kinds of radiators. I found Trade Radiators do some cracking deals and throw free delivery across the UK to boot. If you can fully make the switch, you could soon see fuel bills drop right down with the electric-only going up a little bit.


They are fool-proof

Is there anything more annoying than a radiator that needs bleeding every Autumn? It’s the same old case of looking through that random drawer in the kitchen and swearing that you definitely put the radiator key in there last year. It gets even worse when your radiator has a cold spot, and you know you’ll need to call a plumber in.

This never happens with electric radiators. Because they’re a standalone unit and completely closed off, they never need bleeding or any maintenance work carried out, bar a light dusting every once in a while.


They don’t have to look so basic

If you read this post on whether or not your radiator has to be ugly to work, you’ll know that there are innumerable ways to improve a radiator installation. You can go one step further and go what I can only describe as a funky looking radiator.

Sites are selling all kinds of designs and styles made for electric home heating. I’ve seen electric cast-iron radiators, which I didn’t even know you could make, and futuristic looking infrared electric radiators that you put high up on walls like a mirror.


They’re secretly space savers

Without putting too much thought into it, the way we have radiators set-up can be quite limiting. You can keep them low to the floor for the pipes, and you can’t simply move one about a room when you’re redecorating.

Once again, electric radiators are the exact opposite. You can hang them anywhere on the wall as long as they’re near a plug socket. I’ve seen examples on Pinterest of people who hang them higher up on walls or move them around in the living room, so they’re not stuck behind the sofa.


Fancy saving a little more space at home?

If you’ve been stuck indoors during the lockdown, there is a good chance you’ll have had a good spring clean of the house to see what you can get rid of, and how you can make some free space. If you’re looking for some tips, why not read this recent post on Where To Start Decluttering.


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