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Silk’n Infinity Review

Silk’n Infinity Review


Silk'n Infinity Review

Silk’n Infinity Review


Silk’n Infinity Review

I was so pleased to be asked to do a Silk’n Infinity Review

Silk’n Infinity is an at-home hair removal device that uses eHPL technology to open the skin pores and reach the hair follicles to remove the hair without pain, irritation or ingrown hairs. If you follow the treatment plan there should be up to 92% reduction in hair growth.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?


Silk’n Infinity Review – why I wanted to trial it

I have always like to have smooth legs but I have never quite found the solution, waxing hurts and you have to wait for the hairs to grow back. I tend to nick myslef well shaving and hair removal cream just absolutely reek.

So was I excited to try Silk’n Infinity? You bet I was. 


Silk’n Infinity Review



What makes a  Silk’n Infinity Review different

Silk’n Infinity use s groundbreaking eHPL™ technology yto optimise hair removal. It uses a galvanic current to open the skin’s pores so the second energy, Intense Pulsed light, can easily penetrate the hair follicle.

Unusually,  it is safe to use on all skin colours. And it has a huge amount of light pulses (400k!) so your need to buy refill catrtridges is negligible. It has 5 energy levels and it can detect which is appropriate to use on your skin.


silkn infiinity review


What I liked about this Silk’n Infinity Review

A full body treatment takes approximately 20 minutes this is super fast and it is because of the rapid pulses. I am a bust woman and not exactly high maintenance so I love that I can easily fit this in whilst watching a TV show and then it is all done!

I often have a tan and this has in the past precluded me from using such treatments but because this one can adjust to different skin colours it hasn’t been a problem here. It is a really inclusive product that works on dark skin and light hairs too.


Silk’n Infinity Review – the warranty

It comes with a 2-year warranty too which I find really reassuring and it is a one-off cost, you aren’t having to keep buying cartridges,

This is salon-quality technology at home and I prefer being in control, paying only once and feeling comfortable and private in my own home as I do the treatment. This was one of the best things about this silk’n infinity review

The Bluetooth connectivity means you can lock the device so kids can’t get hold of it and you can keep track of the pulse you use.


Silk'n Infinity Review

How Silk’n Infinity works

Honestly, it is super simple.  This is all you need to do it not rocket science and you will, really quickly get a handle on how to use it: Juts simply follow the steps I have out lined below one at a time 

  1. Shave the skin and remove any skin products
  2. Press the control button and the  ‘ready’ light turns on (approximately 1 second after pressing the button) the device is ready to use.
  3. Set the energy level by repeatedly pressing the control button until you reach your desired level.
  4. Press the device to your skin. The device will then automatically detect the colour of your skin and if it is on the correct level it will flash
  5. Continue to pulse or glide until you have covered the area
  6. . Dont use fragranced products on your legs or expose it to the sun for a few days


How’s it working so far – my Silk’n Infinity Review so far

I have found this super simple to use. I have done 2 leg treatments so far 2 weeks apart and there is definitely slower growth already  and I am delighted and will absolutely continue with it.My silk’n infinity review is  in my personal opinion a huge success. If you do try it please drop me a line I am interested in how it works for you

So would I recommend this? Yes, so far so good!  I’ll update this post in a few months and let you know how I have gotten on.

I hope you have found my  Silk’n Infinity Review useful. I know hair removal can be a struggle for a lot of people – this can make a huge difference.

Silk’n Infinity, the permanent hair removal device is available to purchase from: https://www.currentbody.com/silk-n-infinity-400-000.html



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