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Simple Ways Decking Can Transform Your Garden

Simple Ways Decking Can Transform Your Garden – let’s take a look

Having a garden space is a goal for many homeowners. For some, a garden means they have a place for their children to enjoy and play. Others want an outdoor space to plant different flowers, shrubbery and plants. Most homeowners want a garden to have somewhere to spend time when the weather gets warm.

An outdoor space is a perfect place to host gatherings with friends and family. Investing in quality outdoor seating that will last for many years and be used over countless summers is one thing worth considering when transforming your garden. Another is choosing whether to invest in decking or a patio.


Decking Can Transform Your Garden

The debate between decking vs patio usually boils down to homeowners’ preference. However, for many homeowners, the overall look of decking is what they are drawn most to. For homeowners looking into investing in decking, here are a few simple ways that decking can help to transform the garden.


Simple Ways Decking Can Transform Your Garden


Aesthetically Pleasing To See

The most noticeable way decking can transform a garden is how aesthetically pleasing it looks. It can match the theme of a space or help to enhance it. Choosing the type of wood for the decking extends the list of possibilities for the homeowners. They can use these choices to help them decide on how they design the rest of the space. After decking is installed, the difference is instantly noticeable.


Enhance Garden Theme

An advantage of investing in a decking instead of a patio is the range of colours. Brands such as IRO offer a vast selection of durable timber decking in a colour that could transform your garden space. The colour selection can help enhance the overall theme selected for the garden. If there is a lot of dark wood used throughout the garden, you may choose a darker colour for the decking to match. Those that have decided to create a zen-themed space might prefer a more calming colour to keep the consistency.


Perfect For Outdoor Living

The main reason homeowners want decking is to enjoy their garden more. Having decking can transform the garden as it creates a space to sit and enjoy the warmer days. When friends and family visit, going to the decked area where the outdoor seats can allow you to enjoy your garden space thoroughly. If drinks are spilt, or food is dropped, it does not cause many issues as decking is easy to clean and maintain.


Helps To Add Value

The garden’s overall appearance is not the only improvement when investing in decking. A well-designed deck can help to add value to a home of up to 10%. This added value is that decking can be seen as additional living space. Having extra living space in a property is a factor that many potential buyers are keen to invest in.

Once the decking has been laid, you can begin the next fun project of finding what furniture and lights will be used to create the perfect social space for your garden. Adding these finishing touches can help to complete the finished transformation. The result is a space that will be used and enjoyed for many years.



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