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Simple ways to prioritize your vision and maintain your eye health

Lets take a look today at how to maintain your eye health.

Do you ever give your eye health much thought? Worryingly, some sight-related problems and diseases don’t offer any symptoms until you begin to lose your vision, at which point it might be too late. 



Here we’ll explore some simple ways you can prioritize your vision and maintain your eye health.



Simple ways to prioritize your vision and maintain your eye health

Eye exams

Often seen as an inconvenience, regular eye exams are in fact crucial to maintaining healthy eyes and keeping your vision clear and correct. You should have your eyes tested every 1-2 years, as these regular check-ups will ensure that any health issues are picked up quickly and any changes in your vision are reflected in your new prescription. You’ll find a wide range of prescription lenses from EyeBuyDirect available online. 

So, whether you require progressive lenses or bifocals, prism lenses, or specific lens coatings to help with glare and scratches, eyebuydirect can help you. If you’re conscious of having overly thick lenses due to your strong prescription then ask about high index lenses to suit your lifestyle and needs. 


Simple ways to prioritize your vision and maintain your eye health


Maintain your eye health & Quit your cigarettes

If you’re someone who smokes then you’re probably familiar with your increased risk of heart attack, heart failure, cancers and respiratory diseases. However, did you know that your smoking habit can also have a devastating impact on your eyes? Smoking increases the chances of developing macular degeneration, a progressive condition which is a leading cause of sight loss. Another reason to quit smoking for good!


maintain your eye health


Protect your eyes in the sun

On hot days we’re quick to put on a sun hat and cover ourselves in sunblock to protect our skin from sun damage. Sadly, very few of us realize we should also be quick to protect our eyes. UV rays can cause substantial damage to your vision and increase the chances of your developing cataracts. Invest in a pair of sunglasses with UV and UVB sun protection to keep your eyes safe.


Watch your weight & maintain your eye health

If you’re someone who struggles with their weight and you’re already at risk of developing diabetes, then you could also be looking at subsequent vision loss and problems. Sudden changes in sugar levels can lead your vision to become blurred and unmanageable and you’re also at risk of developing cataracts. 


maintain your eye health


Take breaks from your screen

Working long hours means extended periods in front of a computer screen and then once we clock off, we then begin staring at our smart devices instead. Excessive exposure to blue light which is emitted from digital screens can lead to all kinds of vision problems, the most common being digital eye-strain. Take regular 20-minute breaks from your work station and invest in some blue light blocking lenses to help reduce the effects of blue light exposure.

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maintain your eye health


And finally, understand your family history

Does your family have a history of eye issues? Retinal detachments, diabetes, glaucoma or near-sightedness? Making yourself familiar with your family’s medical history and sharing this information with your optometrist will help them to tailor your health care – they can make you familiar with the warning signs of eye problems and vision loss to avoid any issues developing. 


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