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Shipwood Lounge Chair – a beautful wooden chair

Shipwood Lounge Chair and why you are going to want to have one. 

Over at Fashion for Home I have found some rather beautiful furniture

Look at this:



shipwood lounge chair


Oh, the stories such a chair as the lounge chair could tell.

This isn’t any old chair it is from places far away and it has sailed the seas. I wonder what it has seen?

The Shipwood lounge chair is made from reclaimed wood. This treated old wood gives it a distinctive dappled impression, something that would be impossible if it was constructed from newly-felled timber. I love the dents and the holes they stir my imagination.

The Shipwood collection uses antique pieces of recycled ship wood from trade boats used on the Pearl, Li, Yangtze and Huang Rivers in Southern China. Some pieces include Douglas Fir and Teak Wood from boats as old as the Qing Dynasty.

A plaque on each piece of furniture states the age and origin of the wood used.


The Shipwood Lounge Chair

It is designed by Logan Komorowski a New Zealander whose LDK range combines ecological thinking with beautiful designs. The result is unique, high-quality pieces that are created sustainably. I pretty much love all the items in the range I have to say but this one has one my heart.

There are also benches, bookcases, sideboards in the LDK range all made from reclaimed boat wood.

Simply gorgeous.


I hope you have enjoyed this look at the Shipwood Lounge Chair, i think you would also like my post on a summer look for your lounge

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