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Six Brilliant Ways To Keep Your House Cool During Summer


Change applies to almost everything, including the weather. The weather, thankfully, also changes from spring to summer to autumn and then winter. The leaves grow, the sun is out, and everywhere is hot, signifying summer. Then the leaves start to fall, and the weather begins to cool with little drops of rainfall. Finally, the snow falls, and the air is cold.

The weather changing simply means that the condition of your house will change. To keep out the heat and maintain coolness around your home, you need to make some changes around your house. Here are six brilliant ways to keep your house cool during summer.


Do A Fan Hack

The world has become such that a lot of possibilities now exist in the form of life hacks. Little tiny changes that make the most impact result in a more effortless living. One life hack for a cool house during summer is the fan hack. The fan hack is the most impressive and easy way to keep you and your home cool all summer and does not require much.

For your fan hack, you only require a fan, ice cubes, and a bowl; it is an easy process. Simply place your ice cubes in a bowl, then place the bowl in front of your fan to blow in the direction you want the air. You can rest assured after turning on the fan and enjoy the cold air circulating the room. The fan hack is the best and fastest way to cool yourself and your house down during summer.

A fan hack is your way to get an icy-cold breeze without spending a dime. It’s worth giving it a go at the very least.


Allow Night Air In

What a lot of people don’t realize is that night-time is the best time to get your house cool. The night-time means the sun is down, and the moon that doesn’t emit heat is out, which means that the air going around at that time is cool. Night-time is the best time to open up those windows and let the night air into your house.

However, do well to close the windows before morning time when the sun is back up again. You do not want the heat to get into your house through sun rays against your windows. With the night air, you enjoy both the cool from the night as you sleep and a chill home during the day. Allowing the night air into your house is a win-win situation.


Look Into Awnings

The easiest way to keep your house cool is to protect your environment from sun rays. A great way to protect your home from sun rays is to fix awnings to your home. Awnings on the exterior of your home could shade your windows as well as your porch. If you are not familiar with the term awning, it is a fabric-like cover attached to a house that acts as a shade.

Awnings are great for moments when you want to be outside without necessarily dealing with heat from sun rays. The best thing about awnings is there are several variations and different awning companies, so making your choice would be your biggest issue. You can also get an awning specially designed for your house if you don’t like any options available.

With awnings, you don’t have to worry about disassembling them during other weather seasons. You can check out Marygrove Awnings for an awning for your house. Experts such as this should be consulted before you make any decisions.


Change Lights

Sometimes, the reason your house is emitting heat is because of the light bulbs you use. Incandescent bulbs produce a lot of heat, but energy-saving bulbs cool the home. Energy-saving light bulbs are the best for your house as they perform the dual function of cooling your house and saving you energy costs.

If you want to keep your house cool during the summer, you might want to look into the kind of bulb you use at home and make appropriate changes.


Close Doors And Windows

The biggest emitter of heat to any house during summer is opening the doors and windows. It is best for the coolness of your home to keep your doors and windows closed. When your door or window is open during summer, you allow the heat from the sun into your house. Unfortunately, this only means that the heat emitted in the home and the heat coming from outside only mixes up to cause even more heat.

If possible, keep your windows and doors to rooms you aren’t using closed during the day. Shutting your doors and windows during the day means successfully shutting the heat out. You can also purchase black window blinds to ensure your house remains cool.


Ways To Keep Your House Cool During Summer

Dress Light

As the weather changes, your dressing should also change. Unfortunately, regardless of whatever you do to cool your house down, if you don’t take care of the heat in your body, it will influence the general coolness. For example, if you always put on your air-condition and still wear a cardigan, you will eventually feel the heat.

It is always best that as the season changes, your dress changes. During the winter, you wear winter clothes, so naturally, during summer, you should wear summer clothes. Summer clothes include dressing lightly, like; wearing sleeveless instead of long sleeve outfits, shorts instead of trousers, etc. Your clothes should have warm colors and made of fabric that allows for air passage.

Do your best to wear clothes with cotton fabric as they are breathable and help cool you down.



Keeping your house cool during the summer is a matter of preparedness. The more prepared you are for the possible heat due to summer, the less heat you have to deal with in your house. Of course, the listed ways are only a few actions that would secure your house’s coolness.

The best thing about keeping your house cool is that you do not have to spend a lot to achieve the goal. Most of those changes above will give you a cool home with little to no funds.

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