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Skandi style Christmas decor from Skandium- quirky and fabulous!

Skandi style Christmas decor – lets take a look.

Skandi style Christmas decor

Skandi style Christmas decor

If you looking for great design in interiors you need look no further than Skandium. I could browse an entire day away looking at their stylish, eclectic and unusual designs.


Skandi style Christmas decor with Gnomes

These little gnomes are  my absolutely favourite this Christmas for Skandi style Christmas decor and they make me giggle every time I look at them I am really just going to have to get one.

Let me tell you the story behind them …..

In the Scandinavian tradition, the gnomes live under the floorboards and help out farm animals and humans. But if you annoy them, they can play tricks on you. On Christmas eve, many Scandinavians still put out a bowl of hot porridge on the doorsteps for the Gnomes to enjoy, to keep them friendly in the year to come.

They are a much-loved classic in the Skandium shops and each gnome is slightly different, giving them an individual personality. Just gorgeous!


Brass Skandi style Christmas decor

I also rather love these large tangle heart brass ornaments. These tangle ornaments come with two ribbons in dark green and warm red and are available as a heart, ball and cornet, both in small and large sizes. I think they are lovely, so simple but so classy and typically Skandi in style.


There are so may gorgeous items in the Skandium store you are going to have to pop over and see these great designs for yourself, but keeping with the quirky Skandi Christmas decor I have so show you this Angel of Love mobile. It is only £15 and I just adore it. It would look so lovely above my daughter’s bed.

Skandi style Christmas decor


Skandi style Xmas decor using wood

And finally last but not least check out this fabulous wooden tree. I just absolutely adore it’s clean lines and simplicity. How wonderful. It is easily dissembled and take up little storage too which is a huge plus!  It can be dressed any way you please and really create different looks year after year. The tree  is handmade from top quality wood from Slovene forests.


What a gorgeous collection Christmas decor that you will keep and treasure throughout the years.

Do you love Skandi style Christmas decorations?


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  1. Helen
    December 12, 2016 / 11:49 am

    Oh it’s a gnome! It took me a while to see it 🙂 I love the Scandinavian home designs – maybe once the clutter of young children is behind us I will do a house makeover and go back to being classy and fuss-free. Love the tree decorations.

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