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Sleepbear – a new luxury mattress company


Have you heard of Sleepbear ?

I am pretty sure if you are a home and interiors lover you are going to heave heard of them soon. Just launched, this fabulous new company make innovative, luxur,y hypoallergenic latex and memory foam mattress’s and pillows.

I just read on the Sleepbear website that an average a person sleeps up to 8 hours a night, which over a lifetime equates to a 25 years…wow!

The right mattress really matters, doesn’t it?

Check out the depth of the Sleepbear mattress!

sleep-bear, SleepBear

(I’d like to pretend this was us just casually hanging out at home but erm,, it’s not!)

My sleeping problems

Oh I rdo love my sleep and a good mattress is really important to me. I am a ventilator user and so I sleep at night connected to a breathing machine. This means I cannot move around too much and sometimes I wake up stiff and uncomfortable and overheated (it’s not much fun sleeping with a mask on your face when its hot!)

Memory foam helped me with the stiffness but not the overheating. I knew I needed something different from my normal mattress, my sleep quality wasn’t good


Why Sleepbear is different

I am no mattress technician but I could see and feel straight away that this mattress was unique.

It is made up of 3 layers. It has a latex top which provides natural moisture regulation and ventilation to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Underneath is a responsive memory foam middle layer which shapes to to your body while the  dense base layer allows the mattress to fully adapt and supports you while you sleep. often memory foam can make you feel a bit  ‘stuck’ .

At Sleepbear they’ve addressed  this with with the combination of a  stretchy Lycra® knit and bouncy latex top lay so movement in easy.


The Sleepbear mattress and pillows have been  made in Britain and developed with extensive research.


The Sleepbear experience

I was a bit over excited about seeing if Sleepbear lived up to its promises. They sent me a lovely welcome pack too with a cool nightshirt which proclaims I’d rather be sleeping. A lovely touch.

The mattress was simple to unroll and ready to go that very night.

It was immediately both cool and comfortable. It felt softer than I was used to but supportive and flexible. I was able to move easily and had no aches or stiffness in the morning, My  husband slept like a log and declared it wonderful from day 1. I tool a night or two to adapt but actually overslept this morning it was THAT comfortable.

Sleepbear is a  big hit in our house.



Polar Bears International

I love companies that giveback.

Sleepbear partners with Polar Bears International.  Each year, a percentage of the proceeds from their Sleepbear mattress sales will go directly to this organisation to help them support the conservation of polar bears.

Isn’t that lovely?


Free 48hr delivery from Sleepbear

They deliver direct to your door, free.


100 night trial

They are so  confident you’ll love your Sleepbear mattress they offer a 100 night trial


10-year warranty

You are covered  defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 10 years.

You only have to look at the online reviews to see how well it has been received




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