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Best Sliding Doors to Add Space to Small Places

Sliding Doors to Add Space to Small Places.

Sliding doors are an overlooked way to add space to small places. They go beyond illusion and rather literally save space. Doors delivered has a range of doors to suit all tastes and budgets.

What i love about sliding doors is their minimalist aspect, they are unfussy, take up less space, create the look of extra space and they are immensely practical.

If you really think about it what is there NOT to love about sliding doors. They tick all the right boxes for a modern home in my opinion and I think every home should have at the very least one of them in situ.

Space saving internal doors or external doors bring so much more room to your home. 


Sliding Doors to Add Space to Small Places


Beyond Illusions – Space saving door ideas

Modern external sliding doors sit on a track and slide to the side to open, hence the name. A traditional door swings open. Modern sliding doors are far less obstrusive and intrusive leaving much more physical and visual space.

Opening and closing doors need to be considered in homes with traditional doors.

Space needs to be saved for this opening process. Not having the space isn’t only annoying; it is dangerous and can hinder a rapid escape should a fire break out. Sliding doors require less space to open adding an extra few feet to cramped quarters. This is even more noticeable if replacing French doors with a sliding door. Opening French doors requires twice the space as opening traditional doors.


Sliding wardrobe vs normal wardrobe

My goodness who doesn’t want a sliding door wardrobe! This just has to be the best way to free up bedroom space!  Cupboards with sliding doors for storage work well to do the same in both kitchens and bathrooms too. 


Sliding Doors to Add Space to Small Places – Light

Modern external sliding doors are glass. Natural sunlight creates the illusion of space. On top of the extra space created when the door doesn’t need to swing open, there is extra sunlight streaming in from the ceiling-to-floor glass. Natural light cuts through the oppressiveness of a small space and transforms it from dingy to light and airy. The atmosphere instantly changes.


Sliding Doors to Add Space to Small Places and make them look Bigger

Although sliding doors save space, they are bigger than swinging doors. A bigger glass door allows more natural light in. An external sliding door allows big pieces of furniture to be moved in and out without taking anything apart or having the expense of a window needing to be removed. Small spaces still need big furniture, even a single bed is difficult to move out of a traditional door.


Sliding Doors to Add Space to Small Places



Improved Mood by adding Sliding Doors

Extra space improves moods and lifts feelings of claustrophobia. The extra light also improves moods, while aiding sleep at night. The correct amount of sleep is a mood stabiliser. The body needs sunlight for its body clock. Combined extra space with extra light creates a more tranquil atmosphere, which is needed to live in harmony in a small space, even when living alone.


Internal Sliding Doors to add space

Sliding internal doors can still be purchased. They can come with or without glazing. The track for an internal sliding door is fitted above the door. They are fitted on more than wardrobes and are used to separate rooms.

They can be the same size as a traditional hanging door but the track requires at least as much space as the size of the door. They are a better space saving option than accordion doors, which still require some space to open. Some are even as thick as a hanging door.

Glazed internal sliding doors allow light to travel between rooms, adding to the illusion of more space.


Sliding Doors to Add Space to Small Places


Sliding doors for small spaces

External sliding doors do more than add the illusion of space to a home. They save space. Internal sliding doors require the track to be large enough to accommodate the door, however, they too can save space in a small home.


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