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Small Rooms Rug Ideas: Tips to Help You Make the Most of Small Space

Small Rooms Rug Ideas are a win!

We all dream of getting our own place to live. We even have a clear image in our head on how we’ll decorate it, where we will place the decorations, and how big the rooms will be… But, sometimes things don’t go the way we plan them to, and our first apartment can be somewhat… small. But, you can always make it look bigger by following some simple design tips. Not everything is in the big things, and the following article will show you how to make the most out of small spaces in your home.


How to Design & Decor a Small Space


Having wall-to-wall carpets is a big no for small apartments. You don’t want your already small room to look and feel even smaller, so make sure to choose your rugs wisely. You might want to check out the Lemieux et Cie collection of area rugs since it features a palette of super cute designs perfect for small spaces. Also, look for decor inspiration online and get a rough idea of how you want your room to eventually look. 


Small Rooms Rug Ideas


Rugs can give the whole room a different personality, and they can change the atmosphere from cold to warm, especially if your floors are made of wood. Make sure to choose the right area rug size, otherwise, you risk making the room smaller. The rug should be big enough to go under all the smaller furniture pieces, but just the right size to go under the front legs of your sofa while leaving the back legs directly on the floor.



Combine different paint to make your walls pop. You can even add color to one of them to make it your accent wall that will draw all the attention towards it and the details surrounding it. Going from there, you can buy a nice shelf and put some ornaments and small plants on it to make it Insta-worthy.

Also, there are tons of articles online that will show you the final result of painting your walls in tons of different ways. You can make the room look shorter, longer, the ceilings higher or lower, depending on the color and the combination. Have fun and be creative, you can always repaint!



Play with them. Mirrors can be the perfect combination of vintage and modern, and you can implement them in several different ways. For example, you can put them on your accent wall, or you can put them above the sofa. You can also be a bit creative and put them on the ceiling, to give the room a bit of height. 

They aren’t just pretty, they also make the room look twice its size if they are big enough. You can choose to add them in different areas in the room in smaller versions as well. For example, put them on a shelf and on your wall, next to the paintings. They can draw all the attention, but they can also make great details, it’s up to you. 


small rooms



Have less, but go bigger

Since you have a smaller space, you want to use it as much as you can. Having smaller things can really cramp up the space, so you need to have a minimalist approach on the number, but not on the size. If you were planning on having several different sitting spots, choose to have a bigger sofa. If you were thinking of investing in a dining table and a club table as well, why don’t you invest in a modern table that can adjust to your preferences? 

The same goes for pretty much everything, but there are things where you shouldn’t think too much. If you want to buy several lamps, you should definitely do that. Small ornaments can easily be placed on shelves and nightstands, just think wisely before purchasing them, anything that doesn’t add up to your aesthetic should be a hard no!


Hanging, floating, and everything in between

We’ve mentioned the mirrors and we kind of mentioned the lamps. But, you should know that you should invest in those lamps that have bigger stands. That way, you’ll easily place them anywhere and you can put things closer to them, while still getting all the necessary lightning. 

Paintings, pictures, ornaments can be easily hung, and if you’re into flowers, you can invest in those special hangers for them that are super cute for small spaces. Shelves can be added to your walls and secured there, making them great displays and extra storage room depending on their size. Anything that is off the floor and aesthetically pleasing works!


Make the most out of it

It may not be what you imagined all along, but it’s your own place, and you need to have fun decorating it and thinking about it. After all, the apartment will represent you and your personality, no matter the size. Try to implement your character in every corner of it, and you’ll love the final results.


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