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Smart & Sustainable Briiv Air Filter Review

This briiv air filter review has been such a treat!

briiv is an interesting, attractive and productive eco-product that is designed to purify your air by harnessing nature and I am so excited to tell you all about it.


Briiv Air Filter Review


Briiv Air Filter Review

When briiv  me and asked me if I would like to review their sustainable air filter I have to say I was smitten from the start. Even the box containing the unit was eco-friendly and good looking! Her are my thoughts on this fascinating air filter.



I like my home to look pretty rather than techy so an air filter, despite being a good idea , has never been something I have particularly wanted to have on display. However briiv happens to be the most attractive air filter on the planet. It has many awesome other features which I ‘ll be telling you in a moment but first, let’s just bask in how cool, funky and high end this air filter looks. I have to say I am super happy to have it in my home. 

In fact  it is so good looking it won the coveted Red Dot Design Award last year, affirming its ground breaking overall design that looks like a highly stylized plant pot!


Briiv Air Filter


Why choose an air filter?

More and more people have been purchasing air filters over recent years . The pandemic added greatly to people’s desire to keep their air clean and as pure as possible and of course increasing numbers of us now work from home. . We want our environments fresh, clean and pollutant free.

Shockingly nearly 7 million people die each year due to air pollution  (equivalent to the entire population of Denmark) and air pollution is  seriously bad for your health. This matters to me a great deal, I have a lung condition and sleep on ventilator from time to time and I need my air to be as toxin free as possible. We all do, health condition or not. 

Did you know tiny particles and harmful gases are released into your home all the time from cooking, candles, mould spores, pollen, cleaning products and dust and it is vitally important to get rid of these in order to keep your home healthy and fresh. Air filtering  can do that for you and, as well as protect your health, it can also promote it. Research has shown that good quality air promotes better sleep, better brain functioning and more energy.

How good is that?

I think it is safe to say every home could do with an air filter, especially in the kitchen! 


Briiv Air Filter Review

Briiv Air Filter Review



As well as looking pretty briiv and serving an important function has awesome eco-credentials:  it is actually the worlds most sustainable air filter – how impressive is that! It uses 90% natural and renewable materials. Standard air filters cannot be recycled briiv is specifically and purposefully designed to be just as effective at cleaning the air you breathe, without damaging our precious and fragile environment.

Briiv Air Filter Review



briiv is impressive – it uses three fully biodegradable filters and uses natural moss, coconut, carbon and silk to filter air, the way nature intended. I just love that! It is working with rather than against nature and combining it with smart technology to refresh our homes. It is also low energy and costs around £2 a year to run which is pretty fabulous considering energy prices these days. 


Briiv Air Filter Review


 Structurally it is made from elephant grass and hemp using less plastics than any other air purifier on the market.

And if all that isn’t enough –  the briiv team plant one tree for every product sold. I am very comfortable owning this product.


Briiv Air Filter Review


You can clean an entire room with the briiv filter in just one hour. You can schedule and control it by downloading the app and simply using your phone. It is quiet and efficient and does the job really well. In fact it is as productive as having over 3000 plants in your home.  

Take a look at briiv in action versus a house plant – powerful stuff!  



You can read in more detail about how it works here

Briiv Air Filter Review

 Our experience of the Briiv Air Filter Review

We have tried briiv  over the last couple  days an I have to tell you our home feels so much fresher and cleaner. The app is easy to use and install and the filter is easy to transport to the various rooms we have used it in and it looks great too. We are delighted with it. We have also found that the app to be intuitive and allows us to schedule and control the air filter uni easily.

A really well designed and thoughtful product. and we rate this highly (plus wow, what a talking point – everyone who visit us is fascinated! !) 

By buying products like  briiv, you are preventing thousands of tonnes of plastic from being produced and you are making your home pollutant free. It’s a win – win. 


And if you want to know more  and do your own Briiv Air Filter Review …

Do check out their FAQ section for more info and to see your questions answered 




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