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Smartblinds: The window blinds for every room

You may have heard or seen it before, as it is becoming more common in more and more households. Smart window blinds. It is a fairly new and innovative product that should eventually take over the entire market. But what exactly is smart window covering and what are its benefits? We explain it all to you.


The window blinds for every room


What are smart window blinds?

Smart window blinds are the replacement of traditional window covering. Smart window blinds features a wireless motor in the tube of the blind. You can connect this motor to your smart home platform, making it possible to control your blinds from your smart home. This opens up a world of possibilities. For instance, you can operate your window blinds by voice control and open and close your blinds with one finger swipe. Not at home? Then you can still operate your blinds. Even when you’re on holiday.


Benefits of Smartblinds

With Smartblinds, you increase both safety and quality of life in your home. You spend less time on your daily routines and you can access your blinds from anywhere. This allows you to keep burglars at bay. For example, by setting your blinds to go up and down twice every day, you create the intention in burglars that someone is present in the house. This will make them skip your house!


Automate your window blinds

Of course, it also becomes possible to make your window decoration work together with other smart home devices. That way, you can combine different devices into so-called scenes or routines. For example, in your bedroom, select the smart speaker, smart lighting and your Smartblinds. Set a trigger such as 07:00, for example. When this trigger goes off, you can set what action should be performed by each device. This way, you can wake up in the future feeling nice, with your lights turning on automatically, your electric blinds opening automatically. All while enjoying a nice morning music, played automatically by your smart speaker.


Smartblinds from Smartblinds

Smartblinds’ smart roller blinds are customisable and fully configurable. So you can select the fabric, fabric colour, system colour and many more options to your liking. You even have the option of adding a cassette to your roller blind. Discover all the options on the website.


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