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How to Rock the Sock #Socksie

Do you know how to rock the sock ?

Tuesday December 6th it is Christmas sock day  – are you prepared  with your festive footwear?


How to Rock the Sock

TK Maxx is launching National Christmas Sock Day to raise awareness and raise money for Cancer Research Kids and Teens, Official Christmas socks for women, men and kids are on sale in TK Maxx stores and a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Cancer Research UK Kids and Teens.

Its all about raising money and the festive spirit and its a FABULOUS idea as far as I’m concerned. i love a good sock!

In addition to supporting a good cause, Christmas Sock Day will also be about spreading the festive cheer and galvanising the British public to be part of something fun and meaningful.

Do get involved inn Christmas Sock Day and share your pics on Tuesday with the #SOCKSIES hashtag.

Here are my top tips on how to wear them well and really rock that sock


Socks and flip flips – awkward but funky!

Socks as mittens – multitasking!

Socks and slippers – cosy, comfy and cute

Odd socks – always fun!

Just one Sock – quirky!


These are my ideas..how will you wear yours?


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