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Soft Furnishings & Accessories You Should Invest in to Make a House a Home

Today – Invest in to Make a House a Home


Make a House a Home


Soft Furnishings & Accessories You Should Invest in to Make a House a Home

You’ve moved in to a new house. You’re in a new space that has most likely taken a long chain of people to finally secure. Flash forward a couple of weeks after ‘move day’, though, and there’s that overwhelming feeling. Especially in the case that you’re upgrading to something bigger. The house doesn’t yet feel cosy and homely. Transforming a shell of a space can take time. And when it comes to budgeting, you’re pretty much chained to the promise you’ll only buy the essential big pieces of furniture. However, there are some homeware accessories you should look to invest in, that’ll stand the test of time and transform your space to make a house a home.


Use Mirrors to Expand Your Space

Everyone knows mirrors are a great way to make a room look bigger. They also instantly take a bare wall and make it look more interesting, giving a focal point to the room and showcasing its different angles. Ensure you place your mirror in a position where the natural light from a window can get to it in order to bounce off and make the room more airy and bright. When it comes to shape and style, ultimately find something you love, whether it’s traditional and gilded or more streamlined and interestingly cut.

Mirrors can be expensive, so like with your photo frames it’s ideal to find something you know can last through the influx of interior trends that’ll likely swamp your home.


Invest in to Make a House a Home



Personalise Your Home with Photo Frames

It’s obvious, but having your home littered with family photos and memories is a sure sign way that your new house will start to feel more like yours. Bring together a mismatch of frames and create a feature in your home that are simple yet classic in design, so they’re unlikely to ever out of style.

Invest in top quality frames from places like The White Company but save money off by shopping when they’re reduced in the sale. Shopping at retailers like The White Company ensure you’re paying for top quality, using seamless materials to create timeless designs, as well as offering a collection of different shapes and sizes to create effortless feature walls.


Invest in to Make a House a Home

Add Prints & Artwork

As well as photo frames, wall art will also bring your home to life and, like with mirrors, instantly add something to the otherwise blank canvas of your walls. With your colour schemes undoubtedly picked out, you can browse and buy pieces that’ll fit into your desired theme and have something on the walls for the time being. If plans change, you can always move and swap for other pieces at a later date. Dotting framed artwork around the home is an easy way to add something to those more difficult to decorate areas like hallways and the stairwell. From emotive quotes to abstract pieces, find artwork that’ll fit seamlessly into your future colour scheme. Types of art is all down to personal preference, but whether you’re choosing serene landscapes or pop art, it’ll instantly make a room fuller and more eye catching. Plus it’s a great way to get started on decorating your home!


The Power of a Good Vase

Never underestimate the importance of a good vase. Or, rather, a selection of vases. Whether you’re presented with a stunning bouquet or are getting in the habit of always having a fresh bunch on display, adding to your glassware is important. From tall to wide, big and small, you never know what kind of support your flowers might need so it’s a good idea to purchase a few to choose from. We advocate for always having flowers and plants in the home as they also offer benefits to your general wellbeing, not only functioning as a fresh decorative piece, especially when changing out your flowers.

How Throws Transform a Room

Want to make your home cosier? Throws and cushions are a clear answer. Not only will a throw quite literally make your home warmer when curled up in front of the TV in the evening. The soft layering of textures will make your sitting room set up that much more welcoming, shaking up the look and appeal of your three-piece suite. They can even function as a great temporary decoration if you’re saving and waiting to upgrade to a new sofa. From cotton to knits, drape over your sofa to add a further dimension and buy a thicker, fleecier one especially for getting out when you want to cuddle up in the colder evenings.

From photo frames to plants, it won’t take long before your new house is starting to feel more like your own. By adding personal touches that put your stamp on the place and incorporating other soft touches, your home will start to draw itself together. Fixate on your most inhabited spots and work to invest in timeless pieces that’ll instantly make the space feel warmer and look effortlessly decorated.


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