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Speedy home updates that everyone will love


Speedy home updates, becky goddard-hill

Speedy home updates that everyone will love


Speedy home updates that everyone will love

Are you looking for speedy home updates?

We’re busy parents. And as busy parents, we’re always looking for ways we can achieve what we need to without disturbing the everyday rhythm of the house. Many of us don’t have the time or the funds to think about undertaking major renovations and for many of us, family life would become very stressful in the kitchen was out of bounds for a few weeks!

So, if you’re hoping to update your home but without disrupting your family life too much, then check out these easy home updates that everyone will absolutely love!


Spruce up those skirting boards

Did you know that your skirting boards are there to stop damage to your walls from things like furniture and shoes? It’s true! Because they work hard to keep the walls clean and damage free, they can get a little grubby and dull – bringing down the whole atmosphere and feel of a room. Luckily, this is easily fixed. If you head to the skirtings r us website you can find lots of skirting board options that are not only easy to install but will dramatically freshen up any room.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, then why not try re-painting them? It’s amazing what a difference fresh skirting boards can make.


Lighting & Speedy home updates

The lighting in any room is crucial to its mood and the practicality of it too. No one wants to sit in a gloomy living room or struggle to read a book with the kids. So now is the time to update your lighting game but add a touch of style while you’re at it.

Dark, gloomy spaces make rooms look dark and cramped. If a room is bright and filled with light, then they look much more welcoming and homely. If you have dark corners in your living room then strategically place some tall, stylish standing lamps to fill them with a warm glow. Now try adding some table lamps to layer the lighting.

If your lighting fixtures have seen better days, then head to a lighting store to update them!


Don’t forget your garden

The garden can often be overlooked when it comes to home updates. Since warmer days are on the way, why not head outdoors and update your outdoor spaces. Pull up all those weeds, empty those grubby old planters and fill them with colourful blooms.

Planters placed on either side of your front door will be a beautiful welcome to anyone hoping to cross the threshold.


Your bathroom & Speedy home updates

Bathrooms get grimy and tired very quickly. So give yours a little TLC. Start by giving your bathroom a good deep clean, then get down to some maintenance. Tighten those leaking taps, replace that broken plug and update your bathroom bin. Replace your shower curtain and add a touch of colour with something jazzy. Why not bring the outside in and introduce a fresh, leafy plant into your bathroom or something fake if your green thumb isn’t very green!

Speedy home updates


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speedy home updates


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