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Spiritual Meditation for Beginners

Today – Spiritual Meditation


Spiritual Meditation


Spiritual Meditation

There are people who must drink several cups of coffee a day to invigorate them. Thee are people who feel they must have that glass of wine in the evening as nothing else helps them relax after a hard day at work.

Many of us rely on external stimulants to get by, to chill us out and wake us up and it’s not healthy and it’s not effective for long.

Well, there is another way – Spiritual Meditation.



The science behind spiritual meditation

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that Spiritual Meditation does wonders to help calm a person’s nervous system, slows down breathing, and even alter neural pathways to invoke a more relaxed state.

For centuries people have turned to spiritual Meditation when nothing else has worked to treat their ailments. Indeed, respected scientific studies show that regular Meditation improves asthma, blood pressure, chronic pain, skin conditions like psoriasis and the occurrence of migraines, heart disease, and cancer.

Amazingly, the practise of spiritual meditation has both physical and emotional impact.


spiritual meditation


What Is Spiritual Meditation?

An article on the BBC website reports that a group of scientists from the University of Pennsylvania tried to answer this question when they conducted research to find out what the brain looks like when a person meditates. They approached a group of Tibetan Buddhist monks who agreed to have their brains scanned while they meditated. The ensuing tests revealed that, during Meditation, the prefrontal lobes (which are ‘responsible for initiative and the maintenance of the proper balance between actions and restraint’) had elevated energy levels. On the other hand, the parietal lobe, which governs awareness, appeared ‘mute’ throughout the process of Meditation.

Meditation is like a delicious state of conscious sleep. You are in a state of ‘calm awareness’ – both relaxed and alert. When you meditate – the mind is not actively thinking. You are ‘being’ rather than ‘doing.’ hence mediation I would argue is always spiritual in one way or another.


Why Meditate?

There are many different styles of Meditation beneficial to people, but only two pivotal approaches: one that promotes mental silence and one that encourages slowed mental activity. However, what makes Meditation beneficial is the idea that a person must focus his attention in the present moment. In so doing, people begin to stop worrying unnecessarily. People who meditate regularly have an increased sense of well-being, a more positive outlook, appear less depressed and worry less.

Mindfulness cannot be avoided when mediating. Try my humming meditation for a powerful alternative 




How to Meditate

The word ‘meditation’ no longer conjures up mystical images of sitting cross-legged on the floor, inhaling incense, and chanting, “Om.” People now choose a form of Meditation that suits them; it can be as simple as listening to the sound of water flowing, reciting a mantra, or focusing on the breath. The aim is to help the person focus his mind and, thereby, become calm.

By virtue of how easy and hassle-free it is to practice  Spiritual  Meditation, it has become prevalent in places as diverse as law firms, prisons, and schools. Meditation is an extremely simple practise at its core. It helps you move from a state of thinking into a state of sense. When someone wants to slip into a meditative state take the following steps:


4 steps to spiritual meditation

1. Choose a quiet place and ensure there are no interruptions.
2. Locate any areas of the body that feel tense or where muscles are tight.
3. Close the eyes and become mindful and aware of, “what you’re doing in the phrase, a sound or a visualization.” This helps to anchor the mind and slow it down.
4. As the thoughts come into the mind (which Eric Harrison calls “mind chatter”), let them go without reacting to them. Do not get annoyed, but return to what is being focused on. In time, the mind chatter will fade away.


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