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Beautiful Spring Bulbs for a Colourful Garden

No matter how big your garden you are going to want some spring bulbs for a colourful garden planted ready to  to flower and fill it with vibrant  colour. 

Let me tell you why.


spring bulbs


Flowers for every taste

Many flowers split opinion. Some people love elegant flowers like lilies and orchids and iris. 

Other people like big blooming flowers like hydrangea, stocks and over blown fragrant roses.

Minimalists seem to like cactus and bonsai and air plants.

There really are plants and flowers for every taste and style.

 I love wisteria, laburnum whimsical and storybook flowers like jasmine and magnolia with their delicious scents too and of course fuschia – those dancing ballerinas remind me of my grandfathers garden and just make me smile.

What about you?

So yes it is pretty clear a penchant for so certain flowers is an individual thing but with one caveat. Spring flowers

Everybody loves spring flowers – they are just so pretty and so very cheerful aren’t they?


Spring bulbs


Why we love Spring bulbs so much 

Spring bulbs are the ones that everyone wants in their garden for a selection of very good reasons – 


A colourful addition

In spring not so many flowers are blooming and despite the sunshine seeking through in our gardens can look a little dull still. A profusion of colour from your spring bulbs is just a delight especially after a grey and long winter time.


Time to wake up 

Spring time flowers make us feel invigorated. They remind you that the world is waking up and life is renewing itself and the sunshine will not be too far behind – that dash of colour shouts of Spring.


Insect Invitations from Spring bulbs

They bring the insects and the butterflies too which also brings your garden back to life.



Spring bulbs are cheap – they truly are such an inexpensive way to bring you a great deal of pleasure. Flowers really are a luxury we all love.


Cut flowers

Spring bulbs make beautiful cut flowers to have in your home or to gift. But equally they look amazing in a pot on your doorstep to welcome visitors or in your garden cheerily waving at you as you get on with your Spring gardening jobs. 



Spring bulbs have evolved and there are some really interesting Spring flower options for your garden

I especially like  dutch tulip bulbs  which have way more to offer than the traditional red any yellow we expect of tulips.

In fact they have tulip bulbs for sale in a huge array of colours: white, pink, red, lavender, green, orange, purple even rainbow and ice cream, as well as in a variety of shapes and styles: double tulip, peony tulip and, of course, the exotic parrot tulip.

Impressive range.

Oh I do so adore colourful tulips.


colourful spring bulbs


Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’


Spring is a wonderful and happy time of the year and if we can make it even more so by the addition of Spring bulbs then that’ s just fantastic. 

Have you got your bulbs in yet?


Beautiful Spring


Spring Bulbs for a Colourful Garden is a collaborative post 

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