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Sprucing Up Those Dark Walls

Sprucing Up Those Dark Walls

Walls are what hold our houses up and keep us safe away from the harsh elements of the outside world. Because of this, we like to make sure they’re secure and stable, and they’re nice to look at when we’re stuck inside them.

So we’ve looked into ways to introduce more light into our homes, but what about the original design you’re still working with? Your walls deserve a lick of paint to go with all the new exposure they’re receiving! And after all, there’s nothing like a feature wall to make a room feel more cozy in the harsh sun of the day.

Dark Walls

Sprucing Up Those Dark Walls

What Do You Use the Space For?

The first thing to determine before fixing your lighting system is to realise the most common use of the space around you. For example, the bedroom is a place that should be kept cosy with darker colours and hues on the walls, and clean sheets on the bed. This is far more inviting to anyone looking to sleep, and that’s all you should do there to keep yourself in prime health!

However, with something like the living room, where you can work and live at the same time, make sure it’s as bright as you can make it. Keep the curtains open and the blinds up, and make sure the air is constantly flowing through this space.


Of Course, You Can Fit New Windows

This seems like a bit of a complicated process, but you’ll rarely have to do it alone. When it comes to changing your windows out, the whole landscape is your oyster! Chose plenty of frames that can minimise or maximise on the amount of light allowed into your house, and make a wall a little more cheerful in an otherwise enclosed room with something like aluminium windows at your disposal.

There’s some good advice on taking out the panes of glass and the old frame yourself here, but if you have the time and money, splash out on getting it fitted for you! That way you’ll know it’s been done properly. After all, your bright and friendly room won’t matter when all you can feel is chill from rattling glass.


Move Things Around

Feng Shui is popular for a reason, as when you feel you have balance in your rooms, you’re going to be a lot more comfortable in them when it comes to your mindset. It can also mean you get a lot more done due to the light keeping your bright and alert!

Of course, you don’t even have to follow any rules when it comes to organising your own space. Throw the sofa here and sprinkle some cushions there and you can be done in five minutes! Similarly, making a room like brighter and bigger often go hand in hand, so pop up some mirrors if you have any spare!

Dark walls aren’t really something you need to stick to, so make sure your personal style is evident in all you do!



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