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SS23 kitchen design trends

Spring is fast approaching and if home renovations or alterations were on your new year’s goals list, the change in seasons can be the perfect time for a refresh. If you are in a position where you desire a kitchen revamp, here are the kitchen design trends for SS23 to help inspire your creativity.

Pink: the colour of the season

We’ve seen years where forest green and earthy-toned kitchens dominated the trends and it wasn’t long ago that navy and royal blues were the go-tos. In 2023, however, we’re tickled pink with pink kitchens having their moment.

From subtle nudes to the deepest of magentas, there’s a pink tone for everyone when it comes to kitchen design. Perhaps a trend more suited to the brave and bold among us, however, this colour palette can be paired back with white or light grey to soften the space.


Sustainable materials

Sustainability is no longer a trend – it’s a way of life that becomes only more engrained in our day-to-day lives with each passing year. It is a huge factor that influences purchasing decisions when it comes to our diet, clothing and vehicles – and the same can certainly be said for our kitchen and interior.

If you’re planning a kitchen refit, consider where your materials are coming from. Working with a bespoke kitchens company? Ensure they work with raw materials and components that are locally sourced in the UK. If possible, partner with a company that utilises recycled and sustainable wood products for kitchen cabinetry and who will always consider recycling your old furniture where possible to create the new kitchen design that you desire.


Bi-folding pantries

For any domestic lover, a pantry can feel like a real luxury. If you have the space for a pantry in your home, it may be time to invest in one – not only for extra storage but also for the aesthetics. In 2023, we’re seeing a move towards bi-folding pantries and by this, we mean a concealed pantry behind large cupboard doors that have somewhat of a Narnia feel about them when revealed.

These bi-folding pantries can not only be used as extra storage but can also feature a surface to double up as a breakfast or coffee station or even a cocktail bar for additional workspace. Once you’ve finished using it, you can close the doors and conceal it leaving it looking simply like a kitchen storage dresser.

Mixing metals

The idea that metals shouldn’t be mixed is officially outdated. It’s time to blend those metals for a stylish look that we’ll be seeing more and more of throughout 2023. From brass, bronze, copper, nickel and even black, pick out two or three metal finishes and run with them within your kitchen design.

Whether that’s within your splashback design, your kitchen cabinet handles or your accessories such as statement lighting and pots and pans, create contrast and interest. You don’t need an ultra-modern kitchen in order to pull this off. Even amongst natural woods, this trend can really pop.


Darker tones

If the pink kitchen trend mentioned above is not for you, then don’t fear. Darker tones are also topping the kitchen design trends in 2023. Where bleached Scandinavian woods and lime-washed finishes have previously been a go-to choice, we’re now looking for rich, sleek and dramatic tones for our kitchen, without losing that natural touch by utilising deep-toned woods and organic stone.

On the other hand, if you do enjoy the pink kitchen trend, these two trends actually work beautifully in unison with pink tones paired with darker greys, navy and black to create real interest and depth.

Planning a kitchen revamp and refresh in Spring/Summer 2023? Which trend are you most inspired by and drawn to?


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